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When Gu Xijiu came out from the pond, The Lord had disappeared. Gu Xijiu thought he would watch her bathe. She felt so relieved now.

She was really dirty, and her clothes were still smelly even after washing them. If she took them off and The Lord suddenly appeared, or other people suddenly broke in then it would be disastrous.

"I’ve set a wizardry barrier; no one will come in, just take your time." The Lord’s voice was lingering in the air, but Gu Xijiu could not identify his exact location. Since he was a G.o.d, he would not peep at a little girl when she bathes, right? With this reasoning, Gu Xijiu took off all her clothes and then soaked her body in the water.

She only had a quick bath and dashed out once she finished washing everything. This took just five minutes. She then took out a set of new clothes from her storage bag and changed.

Right after she was dressed, she realized that The Lord was standing somewhere nearby. The sun shone on him as though he had been coated with a layer of gold as he looked glittery.

Initially, Gu Xijiu was idling, but later, she was shocked!

The spot where The Lord stood was the best location to watch her bathe! Did he do so? No way! It could not be! He was The Lord, not some perverted uncle! Why would he do that?

Perhaps, the wizardry barrier had a certain special function. He probably could not see anything inside the barrier as she did not see The Lord as well when she was bathing in the pond.

But if he could not see her, why would he appear right after she put on her clothes? The timing was perfect! What the f*ck, did he actually see?! That was the first time Gu Xijiu had experienced such an incident.

However, soon, she was able to calm herself. So what even if he had seen her naked? She was still fine. Besides that, she had seen his nipples, and touched his p... p.e.n.i.s! She would not be at a loss! Oops, hang on! She actually touched a jade statue. Anyway, he was The Lord; he was a G.o.d. She would just take it as though a G.o.d was watching her.

The Lord looked at her with a different feeling. She just came out from the water with her wet hair which was still lying on her shoulder untied. She was wearing a set of black clothes with no makeup on her face.

She has grown up, and she was now about 160-170 centimeters tall. Her body figure was good, but her features were still a bit child-like. Her eyes were pretty, and sometimes her gazes looked very mature.

It was a mixture of different auras, but he was so captivated by it! You could never be bored by looking at her. The Lord only took a glimpse of her, but his gaze had never left until she walked toward him and arrived in front of him.

If he did the same to someone else, that person would have been anxious and probably sweating profusely. However, she was very calm and sporting as she even bowed to greet him, "Sincere apologies, My Lord. Sorry to keep you waiting."

It was rare to see Gu Xijiu being so courteous. She was behaving as though she was seeing a very elderly and well-respected person.

However, The Lord strangely felt annoyed, and whenever he felt annoyed, he liked to be fussy and make people feel even more annoyed. "Why is your hair so wet? Is this how you carry yourself when you see the elders?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. He was such a fussy weirdo! However, she decided to endure when she recalled his ident.i.ty. She even sympathized with the four messengers as she believed it was definitely not easy to work for The Lord. Fortunately, she did not need to see him often. Otherwise, she would definitely explode one day!

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