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The cottage Gu Xijiu built still looked the same from the outside. The furniture in her home remained there; however, the house was very messy, and those pieces of furniture were upside down as though someone had robbed this place to look for something. All these happened because she was brought away from here.

Gu Xijiu ma.s.saged her eyebrows as she realized there was not even a small s.p.a.ce for them to step in, not to mention that she was supposed to invite The Lord to have a seat in the house.

"My Lord, this is too messy, I shall clean it first. Could you please…" She was going to ask whether The Lord could stand outside the house for a short while. However, The Lord interrupted her, "You prepared this furniture by yourself?"

"No, it was all from Eighth Prince. I…" She was going to explain further, but a seven-colored ray was shining in the house. When it was gone, the house was immaculate, but all the furniture was gone!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless and amazed.

She turned around, "My Lord?"

"It’s too fancy, and it doesn’t suit you." The Lord said casually.

Gu Xijiu remained silent, but she twitched her lips. Did he mean to say that fancy things were not suitable for her, and this empty house suits her the most?

Most importantly, where was The Lord supposed to sit now? It was too late to buy new furniture.

"I'm sorry for the messy house. Thanks for clearing it out but I have no other furniture in here. It's my fault that I can't serve you well. How can I help you, My Lord? I'll do any task you a.s.sign to me." The Lord was her savior and also a G.o.d; Gu Xijiu definitely respected him. She did not know the main objective for The Lord to drop by her place, so she had to ask.

The Lord was as great as [1] Guanyin, but he decided to visit her small "temple." In fact, Gu Canmo was shocked and anxious when The Lord said he was going to visit Gu Xijiu. Gu Canmo quickly claimed that was just a temporary place for her and he was preparing another bigger house for her. He was thinking to bring The Lord to a better mansion.

However, The Lord completely ignored him and asked Gu Xijiu to take the lead. Gu Canmo and the elders wanted to follow, but they were blocked by the four messengers.

At the moment, only The Lord and Gu Xijiu were in the house, even the mussel, Wind Caller and Lu Wu did not get to enter. Gu Xijiu felt The Lord must have something very important to tell her. She was expecting The Lord to give her a secret Kung Fu manual or some very important mission.

She did not like to owe anybody, hence, she would give back 10 times in return if she accepted any favor from someone. She would try her best as long as it did not go against her principles.

The Lord did not answer her but began to look around the place. A moment later, he said, "This house is too small." That was true! Gu Xijiu nodded. Initially, she just wanted a shade to protect herself.

"I built this in a hurry, so it’s a bit small. Sincere apologies…"

"You built it?" The Lord was amazed.


The Lord was speechless.

No wonder her little hands had become so rough! He thought that was because of frequent practice. Now he knew it was because she built the house.

He retook a look and realized it was indeed too small. He had never entered such a small cottage before.

"The house is not suitable for you to do any practice, do you want to change it?"

Is The Lord going to give her a better house?

"My Lord, I’m just a listener, I’m not qualified to stay in the hostel in the Tianju Hall."

The Lord casually answered, "Those are not suitable for you too."

Gu Xijiu was shocked and confused.

The Lord waved his sleeve and stepped out of the cottage, "Come out!"

Gu Xijiu followed The Lord and stepped out from the cottage.

The Lord was very direct; he told his messengers, "Four of you, push down the cottage and build a courtyard in two hours." He then threw a roll of papers to them, "Build according to this floor plan."

Gu Xijiu's eyes were opened widely. Build a courtyard in two hours? Could they do so simply by casting a certain spell? Apparently, the four messengers were very used to it. They immediately gathered and studied the floor plan.

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