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The big mussel was dissatisfied, "Do you want to pee in the house? Don't worry; there will not be anyone coming in on such a rainy night. You don't need anyone to guard the place for that."

Gu Xijiu carried it up and threw it out the door, "Stop talking nonsense. Please keep vigil outside."

The mussel could not believe it, "Master, you want me to get wet under this stormy weather?"

Gu Xijiu folded her arms and looked at it, "You are mussel. I don’t think you are afraid of getting wet."

The big mussel was speechless.

Well, this weather was perfect for it to absorb the spiritual power from the mother earth. It was usually too lazy, so it never did that before…

"Big mussel, someone might come and attack the house tonight. We need you to keep vigil for us tonight. I will cook you good food tomorrow." Gu Xijiu’s voice came from the Directed Audio.

Once it heard about good food, the big mussel immediately became energetic.

It had a very sensitive sense of touch and was able to detect any movements within a mile's radius so even if there was a rabbit that pa.s.sed, by it could hear it. Now Gu Xijiu’s house was like an isolated island, and no one was going to pa.s.s by.

The big mussel thought that no one would come to attack if they saw that it was guarding the house.

After a few considerations, the big mussel drilled into the ground and left only its antenna outside to sense any movement.

The rain was getting heavier and the night was quieter. It sounded like there were only rain and wind. After it waited for a long time, the big mussel almost fell asleep. It thought that its owner was overly worried and that no one was going to attack her house.

When it was whispering in its heart, it sensed something suddenly. It turned its antenna around, and it sensed that two people were flying over to the direction of the house. The bad people were really coming! Its master was too wise.

The antenna of the big mussel erected like a wire. The place it stayed at was growing with gra.s.s. Thus, no one could see its antenna.

Despite the heavy rain at night, two people were approaching.

The two men had very good Qing Gong. When they flew by at such a fast speed, they did not make any sounds. Very soon, they came close to Gu Xijiu's house, and they listened quietly for any sounds.

They had very good hearing ability that despite the pouring rain, they could hear the shallow breathing sound of the person inside.

Apparently, the person inside the house had fallen asleep.

The two men looked at each other and then nodded. Suddenly they lifted their hands, and there were two light waves headed in the direction of the house!

Apparently, the two light waves were very powerful and would break Gu Xijiu's house into pieces. If that were the case, Gu Xijiu would have to sleep under the rain, and there would not be any shade for her anymore.

Just when the light waves were going to hit the house, a big pinkish shadow appeared and blocked them. The two light waves blasted on the big shadow, and a loud sound was heard.

The shadow did not move; it was completely still.

What was that thing? It could not be a wizardry barrier.

The two men were surprised, and they looked at each other. They flew up and headed in the direction of the shadow.

Before they reached the place where the shadow was, the pinkish shadow had expanded, and a big baby was walking out from the shadow. The two men almost crashed into the big baby, and they quickly retreated…

"Since you have already come, don’t leave! Be my food…" The big baby said creepily. He waved his two fat hands, and black smoke emerged out and surrounded the two men.

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