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Di Fuyi tapped his fingers on the table while pondering about the revelation. It seemed that the man he was looking for was the best of the best as was not only good at puppet techniques but could also conceal his scent and breath.

From the memory of the mussel, he saw the true faces of the two poisonous corpses and their abilities. It seemed that somebody purposely made the corpse puppets. In fact, he/she made them extremely poisonous corpse puppets! The characteristics were very similar, but if he was not attentive and careful enough, he might have linked this directly to a puppet master.

If a puppet master were maneuvering the corpse puppets from afar, their bodies would not have so much resentment. However, the two corpse puppets Gu Xijiu encountered were filled with rage. If Di Fuyi was right, the souls of Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing were not reincarnated but were trapped. As their bodies were made into poisonous corpses, their souls were also sealed in their respective corpses. Their souls must have been cast with a type of prohibition curse just before they were decapitated. Therefore, they were still filled with intense resentment and wanted to vent their anger at Gu Xijiu.

And the reason why they could find Gu Xijiu was that they were non-living things and thus, the Wizardry Barrier he set at the Dark Forest himself, could not block them.

The primary question now is who possesses such a strong animosity against Gu Xijiu and wanted her dead?

Though Gu Xijiu offended many, none of them should be this capable. Or it was a plot to impute someone? Did somebody intend to harm Gu Xijiu because they wanted to impute another?

If that were true, the person behind the scenes apparently wanted to impute to Yun Qingluo because she was fluent with the puppet technique. Furthermore, she was hostile towards Gu Xijiu. Di Fuyi also suspected Yun Qingluo when he heard about the poisonous corpses!

If he did not look clearly through the mussel’s memory, he would have wronged Yun Qingluo. But was the person behind the scenes really after at Yun Qingluo?

Di Fuyi squinted his eyes and somehow felt that somebody had set up a net around him, wanting him to jump into it himself. Perhaps the primary target was him!

Very Good! He was, after all, complaining that life was rather dull and it would be good to have an enemy!

The vintage mirror was lighted again, and Mu Feng reported, "Lord, we have sent Miss Gu to Tianju Hall, and as expected, those old-fogeys don’t want to accept her. I have got no choice but to force them by showing them your decree but…"

"But what?"

"Gu Canmo is very stubborn. He isn’t willing to even though I showed him your decree by saying that he would never accept any unofficial student to prevent tarnishing the name of the Tianju Hall. He also said that Miss Gu is obviously not up to his requirement and thus, even if he accepts her according to the Lord’s decree, she can only be an observer and not an official student.

Later, he said he would give her an observation period of six months, and if she still could not reach the standard required, he will drive her out. It’ll be useless even if you intercede on her behalf unless you take away his position as the president of Tianju Hall…" Mu Feng seemed to be rather angry. He was embarra.s.sed by Gu Canmo and was probably enraged too.

Di Fuyi laughed instead, "Gu Canmo has always been like this. If you give him students like Yun Qingluo, he would probably invite you for a meal."


Mu Feng shuddered, "Oh no, I don't think I can eat while facing an old-fogey like Gu Canmo. But I can't deny that he’s delighted with Yun Qingluo as he said that she is not only good at understanding, she has good foundations and high prospects. She has already come into prominence within a few days of entering the Tianju Hall…"

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