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Tianju Hall was located at the borders of the three kingdoms which was 6,000 miles away from the Dark Forest!

It was a very long journey. Gu Xijiu might need to take two days to arrive even if she used the Wind Caller as her ride. However, this carriage was different.

The clouds were moving backward as the carriage moving forward in the sky. Apparently, the Heaven Horse was moving at a very high speed!

With the current speed, she only needed one day to arrive Tianju Hall.

The decoration in the carriage was pretty decent. Gu Xijiu had a soft cushion as though she was sitting on cotton. Besides that, the air in the carriage was really fresh and rich in spiritual energy. She could achieve the same result as meditation, just by breathing normally.


After all, she had not taken any breaks for a few days now and she was injured by a certain poison which caused her to feel exhausted. In fact, she was born with sleepiness and exhaustion while fighting with those people at the tea stall earlier.


And now, she finally got some peace and quiet in the carriage. Her eyelids were trembling as she tried very hard to keep herself awake even though she was really exhausted.

Although the Messenger Jiangshan looked real, she had never met him before. Besides that, his arrival was too random and sudden which triggered her alarm.

"Miss Gu doesn’t trust me?" Messenger Jiangshan seemed to know her concern and threw a jade card into the cabin, "Miss, you could verify it if need be."

How could she verify it when she did not even know how to differentiate between the genuine and the fake one?

Gu Xijiu took a glimpse at the jade card and realized something!

She had no idea what kind of jade that was, but there was a layer of glowing mist on the surface with two characters floating in the mist, ‘Jiangshan’. It was not an engraving but it was inserted hollowly. It looked like a hologram where the two characters were moving like waves occasionally and slowly forming a human portrait…

Gu Xijiu stared at the image for a while and finally recognized it. It was the reflection of Messenger Jiangshan outside! That was precisely his body figure!

"Master, this is the Frozen Lake Illusion Jade!" The Firmament Stone screamed in a low pitch, "This is real!"

Gu Xijiu secretly nodded as she had also thought the jade was a genuine one.

According to the legend, the Frozen Lake Illusion Jade was made from a type of jade from the forbidden zone - it was so rare and difficult to attain. A jade with the size of a grain of rice could cost an exorbitant amount of money.

A unique feature of the jade was its ability to reflect someone’s image and act as a proof of one's ident.i.ty.

Who else could make such a unique and glamourous jade aside from The Lord?

Others might not even have the skill even if they wanted to fake it!

Furthermore, rumor has said that only the four guardians could use the jade and anyone who tried to use it would be executed!

Gu Xijiu picked up the jade and took a look at its front cover, she was shocked!

There was a human image carved on the front just like a freshly done ice sculpture. There was also a moon above his masked head and the man was surrounded by countless clouds.

The posture and his gesture were exactly like The Lord’s jade statue in Gu Xijiu’s dream!

When Gu Xijiu was in a daze, the man seemed to be casting a spell and sending it towards her direction!

Gu Xijiu’s hand was shaking; she closed her eyes and tried to avoid it, and then fell asleep.

The jade fell on her top and she was surrounded by the jade’s glow…


In the icy jade's antique, there were countless stars shining brightly on the ceiling.

There was a high platform which almost allowed people to pluck the stars from the sky, its shape was like a star with six beams of light projecting out. The floor of the high platform was made from transparent jade with a mixture of black and white jade in an array of ancient layouts.

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