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When the claws of the two men were reaching Gu Xijiu’s head, she suddenly arisen and rolled to the side and could barely avoid the black claws!

A ripping sound ensued. The black sharp claws of the two men were inserted into the rock that Gu Xijiu had just lied on!

The rock was the hardest rock of all. Even if it was knocked by the hammer, it would not be shattered. However, the claws of the two men were like inserting into a tofu straight into the insides!

"Boom!" A loud noise was heard. The rock that was about as tall as a human and a meter wide had exploded into powder!

The big mussel was previously resting beside Gu Xijiu. When she rolled to the side she brought it along with her. However part of its sh.e.l.l was still on the rock so when the rock exploded it was injured and it finally awoke and screamed.

Was that an earthquake?

The big mussel looked around and finally, it saw that Gu Xijiu had been standing somewhere farther and there were two shadows attacking her.

It realized only now that someone was attacking its owner!

The big mussel was angry. It silently created the spell to trigger the poisonous mirage illusion and spread it to the direction of the two people…

Gu Xijiu had signed a deed of blood with it so its poisonous mirage illusion had no impact on Gu Xijiu but only on the two people.

As long as the two people were living creatures with thinking abilities, they would fall into the illusion and it could kill them in silence!

The poisonous mirage illusion had spread very fast. In just a blink of an eye it had almost engulfed the two of them…

After a moment, the big mussel was shocked!

The two people did not have any common sense! It could not even sense their breathing and heartbeat...

Its poisonous mirage illusion had no effect on them!

Gu Xijiu was not pretending asleep just now. The reason why she could respond so quickly was due to her killer sixth sense. It had been her instinct to self-help whenever she encountered the face of danger.

The two people had attacked too fast, so even when Gu Xijiu had fought with them for three to four rounds, she had not seen their faces clearly yet. It was until she used her teleportation to keep a short distance, she could see the faces. She was shocked when she saw their faces - here eyes widened!

Rong Yan, Gu Tianqing!

The two people were Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing who had been judged to be beheaded a few days ago!

But she soon discovered that something was wrong with them.

Whoever that was in the fight was always expressive, even if they had facial paralysis, there would always be some subtle facial expressions, whether it was an angry, serious or an exhausted one…

However, these two people had lacked expression, as though they were carved out from stone, with no expression.

Only their pairs of eyes were in bloodshot red. They were completely b.l.o.o.d.y red and could not even see the whites of the eyes.

Their nails ware also more than a foot long!

Their ten fingernails were like black daggers shining in the dark with breathtaking coldness.

They had very strong resentment around them!

They were not human!

Two of their martial arts had been improved to ten times better now and the more fatal fact was that their claws were poisonous ones!

When they waved their claws, the wind strikes up blew on the trees somewhere far away. Gu Xijiu could see that the trees actually shriveled at lightning speed when it blew onto them, and the leaves dropped, immediately breaking into pieces.

It was a very strong poison!

This poison was somewhat different from what Gu Xijiu had usually seen. It was more like a deadly virus with a smelly odor…

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu used to play with drugs and poisons so she had an antibody physique. In addition, she had consumed antibiotics before this so she could still survive under such a poisonous environment. However, she could feel the itch in her throat still…

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