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Nonetheless, before it could finish its sentence, Gu Xijiu had lifted it up in her arms.

The little beast was half the size of a big cat and its fur was so smooth that Gu Xijiu felt how warm and fluffy it was.

The little beast actually held her wrist with its nine tails with its face was rubbing against her palm and licked her to show its affection. Then, it sat on her palm, purred before it closed its eyes and snored.

How adorable!

Gu Xijiu heart softened and turned back to look at Si Chen, "It…"

Si Chen was looking at her at the same time, but with his complicated eyes and sophisticated look.

As he looked abnormally different, Gu Xijiu was stunned and forgot what she wanted to say previously and asked, "What happened? Why are you looking at me like this?" Then, she jokingly said, "Don’t tell me you are jealous to see that I’ve conquered a level eight beast?"

Si Chen shifted his focus away to look at the little beast in her hand and laughed, "Ah Sheng, congratulations, it has recognized you as its mother."

Gu Xijiu was speechless, "Shouldn’t it recognize me as a master instead?"

"Purr…" The little beast opened its eyes and rubbed against her palm with its face like a kid pouting at his mom.

Like those birds, it seemed to have acknowledged her as its mother!

Gu Xijiu remembered that wind caller as the little beast could only hatch because of its hard work…

"Let’s go up!" Gu Xijiu pulled Si Chen while carrying the mussel and teleported upwards.

Gu Xijiu did not expect that the wind caller was safe and was looking into the hole nervously. It even wanted to jump in.

As Gu Xijiu teleported out, its pair of eyes were looking at the little beast in her hand and was walking towards her probingly, while moaning.

Gu Xijiu liked the little beast in her hand very much but when she saw the wind caller’s motherly eyes, she felt that she should not take away the opportunity for the mother and child to meet. Therefore, she put the little beast on the ground but it looked at her and the wind caller in confusion.

Gu Xijiu ruffled its fur and pointed at the wind caller, "Come, that’s your mother." And pushed it towards the direction of the wind caller.

The wind caller's eyes brightened and reached out its head wanting to get closer to the little beast. The little beast purred and emitted its purple light!

The wind caller was so shocked that it retreated its neck and took a few steps backward while staring at the little beast in surprise.

Meanwhile, the little beast intimidatingly purred a few times towards the wind caller before it jumped into Gu Xijiu hands. Then, its nine tails held on her wrist while its face rubbed against her fingers as if it was trying to be cute.

The wind caller did not give up and walked a few steps forward while moaning but the little beast immediately raised its head and warned it intimidatingly by baring its teeth.

Therefore, the wind caller stopped and stared at the little beast sadly and helplessly.

Gu Xijiu felt helpless and humored because the little beast had seriously recognized her as its mother!

She could only blame the mussel which dug a big hole, allowing the egg to roll in…

Oddly enough, Si Chen and her were standing in a row that time but the little beast rushed towards her directly after it opened its eyes. Did it seriously saw her first at that time?

She looked at the little beast in her hand and could not help to ask Si Chen, "Si Chen, what’s this beast actually?"

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