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Gu Xijiu finally managed to see the item clearly.

It was an egg with purple radiance!

The egg was about the size of an ostrich’s egg but was blinking with purple light, about to hit the ground.

As the egg was falling from the higher ground, it would crack!

Without hesitation, Gu Xijiu threw the soft rope on her wrist and held on it.

The purple light of the egg was suddenly enlarged and turned the color of the soft rope into a dark purple. At lightning speed, the purple light extended along the rope.

"Watch out!" Si Chen was shocked and the flash of the five colored lights from his palm struck directly onto the soft rope.

The soft rope was cut in time, dropped onto the ground and immediately turned it purple.

Meanwhile, Si Chen pulled Gu Xijiu and flew slantingly out of the purple range. And when they landed on the ground, he snapped, "Do you want to die? Do you want it to dry you up too?!"

Gu Xijiu’s heart was beating fast, as she knew she was reckless.

If not mistaken, the purple light was the weapon utilized by the egg to absorb its food and she was almost trapped!

Oddly enough, she was not a reckless person but she could not control herself for no reason.

She secretly took a breath to stabilize her emotion and her heartbeat. Then, she took a look at Si Chen beside her, "Thank you."

Si Chen was rather trustworthy during crucial moments as he did not only save Gu Xijiu but also grabbed the stupefied mussel ten feet away with his sleeve so that it did not become the egg’s food.

At the moment, they were not within the purple light range, thus, they were temporarily safe.

The mussel was still in a state of shock as its sh.e.l.l was still widely open, "Luckily, luckily!"

Gu Xijiu did not pay attention to it as she was focusing on the large egg with the purple radiance. The egg was standing upright and was still for the time being.

The mussel slowly moved towards Si Chen and opened its sh.e.l.l to clamp quietly onto a corner of his cloth.

It was too dangerous just now! If Si Chen did not manage to grab it, it would have been absorbed completely by that purple light!

It would not be this lucky all the time and the handsome young man definitely would only pay attention to Gu Xijiu in troubled times. Therefore, it would be safer for it to clamp on his cloth as he would bring it along if he could retreat.

Si Chen did not pay attention to it too. He was holding Gu Xijiu with one of his hands while the other hand was gesturing to cast an incantation just in case.

Though he had sealed most of his spiritual power, it was rather easy to remove the seal during crucial moments, as it required just a spell.

But he did not want to do it unless the situation was very critical.

Though he was in charge of the heavenly law, he could not go against it, lest he might summon some troubles.

He was not afraid of these troubles but the little girl was as fragile as an egg and might not be able to cope…

He squinted at the egg but he did not urge Gu Xijiu to leave.

That egg suddenly flew horizontally towards them!

Gu Xijiu was prepared in advance and when she wanted to pull Si Chen to teleport away, the egg stopped at a distance of two meters from them. Then, the purple light started to rotate around the egg and a scratching sound from within the egg soon ensued.

Was the egg going to hatch?

Gu Xijiu stared at it with her eyes wide opened.

"Crack!" A crack was seen on the egg, exposing part of its claw.

The claw was pinkish and looked very delicate.

It squeezed the egg’s sh.e.l.l and with another crack, the purple claw with black patterns broke out completely.

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