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Celestial Master Zuo was standing there but spoke nothing.

Mu Feng frowned, "This is not a place to talk, so talk about it outside next time, but for now, do leave quickly!"

Mu Feng was impersonated by Gu Xijiu while Celestial Master Zuo, who was by her side, was impersonated by Si Chen.

As Gu Xijiu was afraid that Si Chen would reveal their ident.i.ty if he spoke, she told him to be silent and she will handle all things before they showed themselves.

As she knew how to disguise her voice, she had imitated Celestial Master Zuo’s voice before their appearance. She thought that these people would quickly go away as soon as they see Celestial Master Zuo, unexpecting Dao Qingyang would be brave. Besides, he obviously doubted their ident.i.ties!

Therefore, Gu Xijiu must not let Si Chen to speak, and spoke regardless.

Yet, what she did made him even more doubtful that he looked at Gu Xijiu with his piercing eyes, "Guardian Mu, why are you being so nervous? My question was easy to answer and Celestial Master Zuo just need to answer it in short."

In his last sentence, he even forgot to use respectful language.

Gu Xijiu’s heart missed a beat because she knew that she could not imitate Celestial Master's voice when they were being watched by eight pairs of eyes!

When she decided to try to bark at them again in hopes that they would leave, Si Chen who was beside her suddenly drawled, "Dao Qingyang, how dare you doubt me?"

Gu Xijiu was shocked because Si Chen's voice was echoing exactly like the voice of Celestial Master Zuo!

Dao Qingyang face darkened too. He quickly replied, "No, I don’t dare to."

"No?" Si Chen waved his sleeve gracefully and smiled vaguely, "Are you sure? You even dare to use "I" in front of me and wanted to force me to answer your question. Do you think you’re qualified to do so?"

His voice sounded indifferent but with a defiant motive to kill.

Dao Qingyang was shocked, fell on his knee and was kowtowing, "I’m sorry for offending you. Would you forgive me?"

His seniors and juniors too kowtowed and pleaded on behalf of Dao Qingyang.

"I wouldn’t expiate others guilt simply. Do you think that I would forgive you for just a few kowtows?" Si Chen was still smiling but with harsher words.

Dao Qingyang was very regretful but he had to provide an explanation for Celestial Master Zuo.

With determination, he chopped off one of his arms and blood was oozing out. His face turned pale yet he still continued to kowtow, "I hereby punish myself by chopping off my arm as my apology, hoping that you will forgive me."

Si Chen just gave a word, "Go!"

Dao Qingyang was given an amnesty; he quickly left with his seniors and juniors.

The place returned to its serenity and Gu Xijiu was relief, "Luckily!" and glanced at Si Chen, "I didn’t expect that you could be so much like Celestial Master Zuo!"

Even she herself, was nearly shocked by his intimidating aura.

Si Chen also wiped away the drops of sweat on his forehead, "Luckily! Luckily, I used to learn how to disguise my voice and used to see Celestial Master Zuo a few times. Otherwise, we would have reveal ourselves and will die instead of saving the Wind Caller."

He now spoke in the voice of Si Chen.

"Your aura was also similar; not only your voice." Gu Xijiu took another glance at him.

Si Chen seemed to be very excited, "Really?" And he stared at Gu Xijiu with his glistening eyes, "Then, do you like me a little bit more?"

Gu Xijiu, "…"

This fellow did not forget to profess his love whenever possible indeed!

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