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Apparently, the mussel did not understand what Si Chen meant. However, it did not dare to challenge Si Chen anymore and became slightly more reserved, "That is how I looked like after the transformation…"

"Your original appearance doesn't look like this." Si Chen interrupted its words and laid his arm on its sh.e.l.l, "Come on, show your original features to your master."

Then, a little kid appeared.

The kid was wearing a stomacher, he had a pair of big round eyes, and his little mouth was firm and pinkish as though it was just rinsed with spring water. The kid had very nice features, and his skin was fair and pinkish. He snarled, "Let me go! Let me go!"

His voice was so soft and lovely.

Gu Xijiu was silent.

This kid was so adorable! Gu Xijiu wanted to pinch his cheek! Without any hesitation, Gu Xijiu pinched his cheek. Oh no! It was as soft as beancurd! Gu Xijiu tried once again. However, before she managed to complete the second pinch, the little kid disappeared again and became a big mussel.

Gu Xijiu said regrettably, "Wei! Don’t transform into a mussel, follow me when you could transform back to human. You look nicer when you’re a human…"

The mussel opened its sh.e.l.l a little as though it had something to say. Si Chen put his leg on it and explained to Gu Xijiu, "It’s power is still too weak to keep itself as a human, it’s better for it to follow you in its original form."

However, Gu Xijiu felt something was wrong, and she felt a headache as she looked at the orangey mussel, "But its look…"

The mussel was kind of upset that Si Chen forced it to change it into a little kid, it was even more upset when Gu Xijiu touched it. However, just when it began to feel that it was nice to be touched, Si Chen forced it to transform back into a mussel again. And now, Gu Xijiu felt disgusted by its look!

It was furious and screamed, "I’m the most handsome mussel in the world!!!" In fact, it used to be the outstanding one among its peers, and it was the most beautiful one! Before it could finish its words, Si Chen poked its sh.e.l.l and said, "Come on, shrink smaller to the size of pebbles."

"I can only enlarge or transform into a human; I can't shrink…" The mussel was upset.

Si Chen smiled but what he said was harsh, "Then I’ll cut you into the size of pebbles."

The mussel was speechless. It finally unwillingly transformed into the size of a pebble size after being abused by Si Chen. It also signed the Blood Agreement with Gu Xijiu under the witness of Si Chen.

The illusions created by the mussel were gone after they signed the Blood Agreement and whichever illusion it was going to create in the future could no longer confuse its master.

Gu Xijiu looked around the surrounding and realized that she had fallen into a huge pit earlier. She was not in a hurry to get out from there, but she asked the mussel, "Since you can transform, you should be at least a level seven majestic being, right? Why on earth do you come to the third peak instead of staying in the fifth peak? Are you here to bully the weak ones?"

The mussel opened its gigantic sh.e.l.l and said, "This is the fifth peak, did anyone tell you this is the third peak? Why would I go to the third peak and join those weak chicks?"

Gu Xijiu was stunned and felt miserable.

She thought she started at the second peak. How did she end up further inside? She turned around and looked at Si Chen. Si Chen immediately got her message, "I b.u.mped into you at the border of the third peak and fourth peak."

Oh no! She was moving in the wrong direction! Was Di Fuyi trying to trick her with the compa.s.s bird he gave her!?

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