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It was Gu Xijiu who gradually realized it after fighting for an extended period. She was not very sure at first, and if she had not been pushed to the extreme, she would not have taken the risk. Luckily, the plan worked! She managed to teleport away!

As she was afraid of being chased by them, she teleported quite far away without checking the topography. Because of this little negligence, it almost cost her life! The place where she reappeared was a stream emitting bluish green heat! The stream water had a strong smell of sulphuric acid. When Gu Xijiu appeared, she was about 10 meters above the stream!

As she did not know how to fly, she was falling at a quick pace when she appeared in the middle of the sky.

"It’s poisonous acids down there! You’d be corroded if you fall into it!" The Firmament Stone shouted! It was so afraid that it trembled at it spoke.

Gu Xijiu had no time to deal with it now. Seeing that she was about to fall, she looked around and seemed to have seen a green color tree in the breeze. Before thinking about it thoroughly, she shook her wrist, and a soft rope was thrown towards the tree which latched onto it. As she was too close to the water's surface, her feet still inevitably touched it.

She closed her eyes at that moment and prepared to have her feet corroded by the water that smelled like acid. Fortunately and unexpectedly, she stepped on a piece of wood, and before her feet sank into the stream, she had already launched herself towards the opposite bank.

"Aiiyahh…" A cry was heard from afar and the "green tree" that she tangled on actually staggered to the front. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu was also pulled over while holding onto the soft rope! It was also at this moment that Gu Xijiu realized that she did not latch onto any tree but instead a man in green!

Because it happened too quickly, she inevitably crashed into the man before she could see clearly who the person was!

"Plop!" She crashed into that person’s arm like a small bullet, and the impact force was rather intense that the person she collided into flew backward a little and fell on the ground with her in his arms.

Everything happened in just a blink of an eye. It only took three to four seconds from the time Gu Xijiu appeared in the air to the point where she held on the soft rope and crashed into this man's embrace.

She was flat on top of this unknown person while her lips pressed against his upper chin which was only 0.1 cm away from his light red lips!

Gu Xijiu, "…"

She could react quickly, but at this moment, she was slightly stupefied too! She knows that she saw that it was an upright tree, how could it become a person all of a sudden?

Was he the spirit of the tree spirit? A dryad?

Before this, she would quickly jump up and apologize when she hit a person, but her first reaction now was to grab his neck with her fingers as soon as she raised her head.

"Uhh!" The person coughed as she grabbed his neck. Meanwhile, she also managed to see the person’s face clearly, and her fingers became stiff, "It’s you!"

That person had red lips and white teeth. His face looked unparalleled in grace, and he appeared like a jade tree with a green cloth. He still looked youthful. Besides, he was so genteel as if he was a scholar rushing to the capital city for an exam.

Gu Xijiu knew this person; he was the childe put on a rival showdown with Rong Chu at the auction house and sold the Illusion Weed to her at 50,000 ounces of silver!

Author note: Can you still remember this person? If you can’t, please re-read chapter 41 to 46 when this person appeared and had a very good time with the female protagonist.

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