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The fifth layer of heaven was a place without a specific ruler. The Celestial, Devil, and Monster Kingdoms all had their respective influences. It was certainly not an easy task to fight for the mighty weapon. Gu Xijiu could immediately understand the difficulties that lied ahead. She knew it would be a perilous journey.

"I know that many picked troops are under your command. Why don't you lead them there?"

Yun Yanli dismissed her idea. "The Celestial and Devil Kingdoms have both agreed to a truce. If I have an army with me, it will definitely involve the mobilization of the ma.s.ses and trigger a war between the kingdoms. Therefore, it will be best if I only have a man or two with me. Also, another reason is that the only way to retrieve the mighty weapon is through a woman." That accounted for it.

Now that Yun Yanli had made himself clear, Gu Xijiu talked about her conditions frankly with him. She could help him to retrieve the mighty weapon. Regardless of the outcome, Yun Yanli would still have to show her to the one hundred and ninety-three Might Immortals, even from afar.

Yun Yanli agreed without hesitating. While both of them were still chatting, a sudden gleam of golden ray flashed before the window. The golden ray flashed across and instantly disappeared. Yun Yanli stood abruptly and announced, "The mighty weapon is about to reveal itself! Miss Gu, we have to leave immediately."

The fifth layer of heaven was indeed different from the rest of the levels.

The intensity of its spiritual power was greatly decreased. The place was filled with large mountains and steep walls of rock. Even the river was muddy yellow in color.

The revelation of the mighty weapon would definitely create a stir. Many great leaders across the three kingdoms were alarmed.

Gu Xijiu and Yun Yanli saw many people on their way, all from different kingdoms. Yun Yanli was right. Many of them had brought a companion or two along, including a woman.

Undoubtedly, Yun Yanli's good looks had attracted many curious eyes of the women along the way. As for Gu Xijiu, she had switched from her usual black dress to a loose, pale white robe that could keep her figure well hidden. With a bamboo hat, she covered her face behind a thin layer of fringed laces. Many were not able to tell if she was beautiful or ugly. However, she still managed to attract a lot of attention.

People were curious about her, as she was definitely a lucky woman to have caught the attention of Yun Yanli, the handsome prince. Gu Xijiu could not care less about these curious eyes. She went along with Yun Yanli and headed towards the valley over the great hills.

To Gu Xijiu's astonishment, the mighty weapon chose her as its master. She was only there to help Yun Yanli in retrieving the mighty weapon without the intention of owning it. The mighty weapon was a rare find – a golden ruler.

The golden ruler had a length of two feet and was covered with many intricate carvings. The surface glittered with charming gold, glistening with a sense of celestial aura. The edges of the ruler were unusually sharp, like the blade of a sword. It could easily break any weapons into pieces.

Gu Xijiu witnessed as the shiny, glamorous ruler swiftly shatter all other weapons. One of them included the famous sword from Yun Yanli, which was also known as Clear Shadow.

Clear Shadow used to be an all-conquering weapon, but its strength was completely incomparable to that of the golden ruler possessed by Gu Xijiu. The sword was savagely slashed into three different pieces. It made Yun Yanli's heart ache to see such waste.

The journey to retrieve the mighty weapon was actually a simple and yet savage battle. Many people tried to rush as quickly as possible to the valley that was already glistening with golden rays. Along the way, they certainly did some tricks to obstruct as many compet.i.tors as possible.

Gu Xijiu and Yun Yanli were definitely the best team among the compet.i.tors. When they joined hands, most of their opponents would either run away or be violently defeated.

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