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The bone correction would cause extreme pain, yet she still makes fun of him even when she was sweating, "Sir Long, I'd need to marry you if this was back in the ancient era. Since you've seen my body, you need to marry me though."

Long Xi did not express anything, "Luckily, we're in the modern world, so you don’t have to do that."

Gu Xijiu whispered, "Oh how I wish this is the ancient world…" Long Xi could not hear her clearly. "What were you mumbling?"

"Huh? No, nothing."

The tea room was very silent.

Gu Xijiu could not wait to escape from the awkward ambiance, "Sir Long, this looks different from the usual treatment huh? Could you teach me?"

"No, I don’t think it’s necessary."

"Why? I can treat myself if I have similar injuries in the future right?" Gu Xijiu did not comprehend and made fun of him again, "Are you planning to keep it all to yourself?"

"You wouldn’t experience any similar injuries, so it would be unnecessary."

"It’s hard to tell, I still have many more missions in the future."

"Xijiu, you'll just have to rest properly." Long Xi took his jacket and after treating her injury he said, "Let’s go, I’ll take you home. Don’t go anywhere within a month and have a good rest."

"Huh?! A month?" Are they going to approve my long leave? Gu Xijiu frowned.

"Of course! Your job is to rest sufficiently and get well soon, nothing more!" Long Xi said firmly.

She smiled as she felt a warmth in her heart. She leaned her head on his shoulder and joked, "Sir Long, I think you might have feelings for me since you’re so being so caring towards me."

Long Xi was speechless.

He drove her home. All the way, she was well taken care of as though she was a porcelain doll.

That day, he stayed in her house and had prepared a big meal for Gu Xijiu.

Due to lack of experience, his cooking was quite poor in quality. The dishes were not delicious, the steamed eggs had been over steamed, the vegetables were too salty but she liked it very much. However, he was thinking of something else when he accompanied her. Occasionally, he was idling while he watched her eating.

Gu Xijiu found his actions strange and asked him with a smile, "Why are you looking at me? Is there a nice flower on my face?"

Long Xi laughed and then shook his head as he smiled. He made fun of her, "There’s no flower on your face, but your face is much nicer compared to a flower."

Gu Xijiu felt her face turning red, as that was the first time he complimented her.

She frowned and said, "Since I’m so pretty, why don’t you marry me?"

This time, Long Xi did not complain but said something strange after pondering, "Xijiu, give me some time."

"Huh?" She did not understand.


He did not explain any further but pat her head, "Come and see me after a month, I’ll help you check." He then left her house.

"Long Xi…" She watched him leave and disappeared from her sight. She mumbled, "I like you, but I'm not sure how you feel…"

She did not continue the rest of the sentence as she felt a sudden pain, as though someone had pressed on her injury accidentally!

She was sweating, and everything turned into a dark s.p.a.ce. She seemed to be waking up soon and tried to open her eyes. However, she felt her body sinking into a dark hole.

Suddenly, she heard a soft voice asking her, "You like Long Xi? Or Long Siye?"


She was sad despite it being only nothing but a dream. She answered in a blurry state but she could not remember anything.

The voice asked her again, "What do you like about him? I think I’m better…"

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