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If it were genuine, then it would be considered a generous offer.

The flowers were located deep inside the icing area, and although Gu Xijiu could use her teleportation powers to escape, it required quite a long time to get to safety and the effectiveness of the flowers would reduce by half by then.

"How do I know if I can trust you?" Gu Xijiu still did not trust them.

Prince Long pondered for a moment and then took out a jade with a dragon pattern on it and handed it to Gu Xijiu, "Miss, this is something that can represent my ident.i.ty. It is priceless and cannot be damaged. Once it is damaged I will lose my ident.i.ty as a prince. I'll pa.s.s it to you and only ask you to return it to me after we finish the job."

"Master, it is an authentic dragon-patterned jade. It is a prized possession that has been pa.s.sed from generation to generation in the Long family. Whoever owns this jade would be the prince of Count Long…" The Firmament Stone started to provide numerous buts and pieces of information to Gu Xijiu, "If this person has second thoughts, you can break this jade immediately, and he will lose his ident.i.ty as a prince. It seems like he sincerely wants to cooperate with you. I think you can work with him since we really do not need that many Ice Shura Flowers…"

Gu Xijiu patted it to tell it that she had a plan. Then, she proposed, "We can cooperate, but this girl has to leave us."

She used her sword to point at Tan Xiaoge who was still kneeling down on the floor. Her face was very pale and as she was frightened. She worriedly looked at Prince Long because she was afraid that he would sacrifice her.

Prince Long was stunned. He said, "This lady came together with us. This is a very dangerous place. If we leave her alone, I am afraid that she would not be able to return safely. We came here together and we have to go back together. I will never sacrifice my companions. If you do not want to let her go, I have to give up this place and find my flowers somewhere else."

Gu Xijiu was surprised. She never expected that Prince Long had such a sense of obligation. She finally took a step back and said lightly, "I never thought that you are such a trustworthy person. I always respect righteous people. Since you are this kind of person, I can give in and let Tan Xiaoge stay with us. However, I request her to sincerely apologize to me and give me her alchemy furnace as a gift."

It was not hard to meet these conditions. Prince Long looked at Tan Xiaoge directly and ordered her with his eyes. Although Tan Xiaoge was a bit reluctant, she knew that this was the only condition to stay alive. If she did not comply, she was afraid that Prince Long would leave her alone. Therefore, she apologized to Gu Xijiu and also handed her alchemy furnace to her as requested.

Her medicine refinery technique was still at early levels so her alchemy furnace was relatively conventional. Hence, she was not too distressed about it.

Gu Xijiu threw the jade back to Prince Long, "You don’t have to p.a.w.n it to me. I believe you." Someone who would never abandon their most ordinary companion must not be a bad person.

Prince Long was surprised. He drew his sleeve and bowed, "Thank You!"

Since all the conditions had been met, they started to a.s.sign a task to everyone. According to Prince Long, he would be the one who plucked the plants while the five bounty hunters would be responsible for clearing the beasts. Gu Xijiu and the two other women would be waiting at the side.

This was actually the initial plan that Prince Long had all along except that now Gu Xijiu was included. Once Prince Long finished a.s.signing the task, he looked at Gu Xijiu and gently asked, "Are you satisfied with my a.s.signment?"

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