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When Di Fuyi realized that he was not in a right state, he had already stared at her feet for a minute!

He coughed slightly and shifted his focus away.

What a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d - was she not afraid of the embarra.s.sment for wearing such thin garments?

"Cold…" Gu Xijiu, who was dreaming, muttered and curled her body up.

Di Fuyi slightly squinted his eyes.

Her legs curved towards herself with her arms folded on her chest while lying on her side, which was a sleeping position that showed insecurity.

This little girl seemed to be arrogant and strong, but she was in this position even when she was sleeping unguarded.

This position would soften a person’s heart…

"My dear, why would you kick away the quilt if you’re cold? Are you looking for trouble?" He adjusted her pajamas tidily before he covered her with the quilt.

He found out that her little feet were cold, hence, knowing that she had a cold-intolerant body. he tucked in the quilt so that she was covered tightly, only exposing her little face and tiny hands.

He shifted his focus from her face to her hand.

The Firmament Stone was lying motionless on her thin wrist. It was probably seriously injured, as it was glimmering occasionally.

He touched the Firmament Stone as if he sensed something.

After a moment, he slightly frowned.

He could clearly feel all the spiritual power in the Firmament Stone, but it was not as much as expected.

He did order the Firmament Stone to absorb some of the five colors of the lightning snake and release its own seven colors of light onto Gu Xijiu’s body.

Yet, he did not expect the Firmament Stone to absorb all the five colors of the lightning snake, much to everyone's surprise.

Though he did not say anything, he came to confirm his doubts.

The fact proved that he was right - the Firmament Stone had only absorbed less than one-third of the five colors of the lightning snake and the rest were absorbed by Gu Xijiu herself!

Naturally, Gu Xijiu's tiny body which had just opened some spiritual power, should not be able to withstand absorbing so much from the lightning snake with strong spiritual power and would probably explode. Yet, he did not expect that those absorbed into her body would disappear completely and could now not be detected…

Would it be related to her special physical body?

Or probably it was because her soul had originated from another world?

He touched the red patch on her forehead lightly and his eyes darkened.

After a moment, he finally arose and disappeared with a blink of an eye.

With a ripple of water on the bed linen, Gu Xijiu woke up from her dream and opened her eyes.

She looked at the quilt covering neatly on the bed and slightly frowned.

She had a habit of kicking her quilt and it was unexpected that her quilt would be so neat when she woke up. She wondered if it was because of the cold weather?

She rubbed the spot between her eyebrows and ambiguously felt that she woke up once and fell right back asleep before she was truly awake.

And when she was in a state of stupor, somebody seemed to have come in.

She got fl.u.s.tered, woke up and wore her clothes.

Then, she quickly went around the house but she could neither find anything strange nor any sign of people coming in.

Was she being over-suspicious?

As it was still early, Gu Xijiu went back to bed to have more rest. After all, she was very tired for the last three days. She did not have to deal with those visitors but had been training hard to cope with the Dark Forest adventure after six months.

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