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"Just let it be, Jiu, let’s not recall those old stories, as they’ve already pa.s.sed. After six months, you’ll need to practice kungfu nicely to go through that Dark Forest. Shall I help you get a master? I know of a good kungfu master in the city, I can invite him…"

"No!" Gu Xijiu chimed in, "I know my kungfu ability and I also know how to practice it. So, I don’t have to trouble you, general. Please go back."

Gu Xietian had no choice but to go back.

When he got back to his yard, he recalled that he actually wanted to talk about something else but had forgotten after being scolded.

He actually wanted to ask for Gu Xijiu’s favor to intercede with the emperor for the sake of Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing.

After all, Gu Xijiu was no longer the same. The emperor valued her very much and cared for her more than a princess by gifting her many things; he even called her into the palace to ask about her recent progress and the like.

From the degree of favor from the emperor, she probably could even convince the emperor to be more lenient with Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing in prison.

As Rong Yan was a prince, the son of the emperor, His Majesty would try to exempt him from death.

Nonetheless, Gu Tianqing was just a daughter of the general. After such incident, perhaps the emperor would think that she was the person who trapped his son, Rong Yan, hence, making her a scapegoat in the case of Count Le Hua, to provide an explanation for Duke Lu…

These days, Gu Xietian had been working to save his daughter but to no avail. Hopelessly, he thought of Gu Xijiu…

He could not contain himself and decided to go back to Gu Xijiu’s yard.

Gu Xijiu did not expect his return and slightly frowned.

Gu Xietian braced himself and told Gu Xijiu about his request while observing her expression.

Gu Xijiu looked normal; she was just staring at Gu Xietian.

Her glare frightened Gu Xietian, yet he could not help but continue, "Jiu, daddy know that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Tianqing has not been kind to you, but she has already received her due punishment in prison. Her child has also been miscarried…She is after all, your elder sister. You can’t see her die in prison, can you? Is it possible that you beg His Majesty when you enter the palace again…?"

Gu Xijiu stopped him from continuing, "General Gu, here are my three points. First, she killed and she has to repay it with her own life. Second, she isn’t my sister. My mom is Luo Xinglan and hers is Leng Xiangyu. And third, when she and Rong Yan were plotting against me, she didn’t count me as her sister at all! If their plan had succeeded, I’ll be bullied to death by Count Le Hua! You wouldn’t have thought of that right?"

Actually, the true owner, Gu Xijiu had died in that incident!

It also meant that both Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing were indeed responsible for murder!

Though they did not kill Count Le Hua, they killed the true Gu Xijiu!

That poor kid had not received any love; she was alone all the time even till the day she died!

Where was Gu Xietian at that moment? Where was that fatherly love of his?!

Gu Xietian was completely speechless and turned slightly red, "Xijiu, I know... I’m sorry, as your dad, Tianqing is sorry to you too. She plotted against you, you should be hating her but she didn’t succeed, right? Fortunately, you’re still alright now…"

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