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When he returned to the main courtyard, he realized that he had been neglecting Luo Xinglan for a long period of time. He a.s.sumed that she should be able to identify the situation especially after giving her a slap in the face.


He could forgive her and maintain her t.i.tle, as long as she stops being consumed with jealousy.

At night, he finally came to Luo Xinglan's courtyard and thought of giving her some love and care. However, he b.u.mped into Luo Xinglan's senior disciple, who had planned to help Luo Xinglan escape...

Gu Xietan locked them in the house and got extremely mad. Needless to say, he began to hit Luo Xinglan’s senior disciple. At that time, Gu Xietian’s kung fu was much more advanced than that of Luo Xinglan and her senior disciple. On top of that, the chaos had triggered an alert from the house guards...

In the end, Luo Xinglan’s senior disciple managed to escape with her help. However, Luo Xinglan was forced to stay.

However, he had completely broken her heart and she calmly requested to be divorced. She could not wait to leave him.

That was the first time Gu Xietian realized he would actually lose something he thought he could get so easily.

He felt anxious and mad. Due to his arrogance and ego, he madly forced her to have s.e.x with him and also destroyed her Kung fu. He left without turning back after he finished releasing his stress and ordered the house guards to lock Luo Xinglan in the room.

Within that period of time, Gu Xietian married another two mistresses. Both of them had each delivered a daughter.

One year later, he was already a father with five kids when he visited Luo Xinglan.

He thought that Luo Xinglan had learned her lesson and would be more obedient now...

He brought the two new mistresses along on purpose as he thought Luo Xinglan would be infuriated and jealous. He was ready to teach her a lesson again but unexpectedly, Luo Xinglan was so calm and cold when she saw him. She had no qualms nor felt any tinge of jealousy anymore.

He used to find her annoying when she got jealous, and now, he was annoyed when she wasn't.

He went in excitement, but returned with depression.

Coincidentally, he had to attend an event in the palace with his spouse. Of course, he had to bring his official wife.

He released Luo Xinglan but had been lecturing her throughout the journey as he was worried she might do something reckless again. Luo Xinglan did not say a single word. Since he locked her up, she decided not to talk to him anymore.


During the event in the palace, there were many pretty dancers. The Emperor and Luo Xinglan both knew each other.


The Emperor definitely knew that Luo Xinglan gets jealous easily but he suddenly mentioned that he wanted to grant two of the dancers to Gu Xietian as his mistresses.

However, Gu Xietian already had four wives and mistresses. That was overwhelming for him.

Besides, he was worried Luo Xinglan would be jealous and stir any chaos in the palace.

He was ready to reject it but unexpectedly, Luo Xinglan got up and generously accepted the offer from the Emperor.

Gu Xietian had no idea how he should respond; even the Emperor was surprised and asked her whether she would feel envious at all.

She smiled and said, "No, I won’t be jealous."

After the event, the two dancers returned together with Gu Xietian and Luo Xinglan. Luo Xinglan generously let them stay with Gu Xietian alone, while she took another carriage by herself.

Her understanding nature had drove Gu Xietian mad.

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