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Coincidentally, her son (Gu Tianchao) had gone out to run some errands, otherwise, she might be able to live slightly more comfortably than she does now.

Things have changed. She finally experienced what Luo Xinglan had suffered through before.

The difference was that Gu Xietian still loved Luo Xinglan when she was locked in the quiet courtyard; he just wanted her to be more obedient.

Even when he spent time with Leng Xiangyu, he still screamed Luo Xinglan’s name in his dreams. He even said something like, "Xing, I’ll let you out if you apologize." That drove Leng Xiangyu mad.

And now, Leng Xiangyu has been locked up and Gu Xietian did not love her anymore. In fact, he hated her...

It was a quiet night. Leng Xiangyu was sitting on the bed with her hair messily hung upon her shoulders. She had insomnia.

"Luo Xinglan, are you happy now?! I'm sure you're laughing at me now! Hmph! So what!? I'm the one who spent more than 20 years with him.. And you… You only spent ten years with him. He is mine! He will never be yours again! My son will soon be the master of the family and your son had gone missing in the Dark Forest! Hahaha! He is dead! I'm fine to be here now, I'll be set free when my son returns home and this will be my empire again…"


Initially, she was just mumbling and slowly increased her volume. She even laughed like a banshee at the end.

Suddenly, "Clank!". The window had been blown by the strong wind and flung open. Leng Xiangyu looked out the window and trembled in fear!


Under the moonlight, there was a lady in red standing in the small pavilion...

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Leng Xiangyu screamed! "Ghost…"


Her scream had disturbed the entire residence, including Gu Xijiu who had just begun to lie down on the bed.

She heard the scream and chaos outside and decided to take a look. She told the servants to check it out. Very soon, the servant returned and told her Leng Xiangyu seemed to have gone insane and kept screaming Madame Luo's name and kept repeating that there was a ghost...

The servant even asked Gu Xijiu, "Miss, do you think Madame Luo has returned and is trying to seek revenge?"


Gu Xijiu smiled and remained silent.


Luo Xinglan had committed suicide when Gu Xijiu was one year old. Since then, no one dared to mention a word of her.


Therefore, even the real Gu Xijiu did not have many memories of her own mother.


Gu Xijiu owned the memory when she possessed the body. She knew that the incident was not as simple as that. However, she did not have the interest to know the truth as well.

In her opinion, that must be a fierce battle in the family and Luo Xinglan was the loser...

However, she did not think the revenge made any sense. Luo Xinglan has pa.s.sed away for more than ten years now, and she would have prevented it earlier, instead of waiting until now...


Gu Xijiu returned to her bed and suddenly thought of something!

What if Luo Xinglan was still alive?!

Has she finally returned?


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