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The lady in the red dress was staring at her.

Leng Xiangyu suddenly slipped and fell from the carriage!

"Madame!" The servant quickly carried her, "Are you alright?"

Leng Xiangyu knew some Kung Fu, and although she was not an expert, that was the first time people saw her falling down.


Leng Xiangyu was pale and suddenly said, "Luo Xinglan!" Her voice was sharp and fierce! Everyone was frightened!


She did not care how messy she looked and quickly turned back towards that direction.

Everyone remained silent.

Of course, they followed her gaze but they did not see anything but only a few people pa.s.sing by.

Apparently, Leng Xiangyu did not see the lady in the red dress again, and that frightened her even more.

Was that Luo Xinglan? Did she come back for revenge?

When she was idling and in fear, all the servants quickly knelt down, "General!"


Leng Xiangyu was shocked! Her collar was pulled by someone even before she could see him clearly. "Why are you screaming?" His voice was strong and firm - it was Gu Xietian.

Leng Xiangyu did not expect his return and shockingly said, "General… I saw her…"

"Her? Who?" Gu Xietian asked hurriedly.

Leng Xiangyu finally went back to normal, and whispered, "I… I think I was just confused…"

"I’m asking you, who did you see?! Luo Xinglan? You were shouting her name earlier…" Gu Xietian quickly took a look at the surroundings but he did not see anyone who looked like her.

Leng Xiangyu quickly denied, "I think I was just confused, Sister Luo has… has pa.s.sed away for quite some time now, how could she have returned…"

Gu Xietian looked at her fiercely, and continued to ask, "Are you sure that was the wrong person? Where is she? What kind of outfit was she wearing?" He then asked the servants, "Did you see her?"


The servants shook their heads as they really did not see anyone. Besides, they had only served the Gu family for a short period of time; they did not even know the name of Luo Xinglan, let alone meet her in person. Even if she had walked by in front of them, they would not even recognize her.

Of course, Leng Xiangyu would not admit so. She simply described the body figure of that lady, which resembled that of Luo Xinglan's...

Gu Xietian left in depression and returned to his carriage by leaving Leng Xiangyu behind.


Initially, he wanted the servants to search for that lady, however, he realized most of them did not even know who Luo Xinglan was...


He did not give up but loitered along a few streets in search for her. Needless to say, he did not even find anyone who looked remotely similar, nevermind actually chancing upon Luo Xinglan.


He stood at a corner, depressed. It was a breezy day; his mood was as cold as the autumn wind.

"Xing, our daughter is so great! However, she is facing a very tough challenge now, don’t you want to know more about it?" It seemed like he was talking to himself as no one answered him.

He was standing there for a short while and then left, crestfallen.


Somewhere nearby, there was a lady standing on the roof. She was wearing a red dress with a veiled hat. She was silently looking at the direction where Gu Xietian headed. She did not speak a word or move, as though she was a statue.

"Master, don't you want to see him?" She was accompanied by two young ladies who were donning green dresses. They were looking towards the same direction and one of the young ladies asked him so.

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