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Di Fuyi smiled, "Are you going to negotiate on her behalf?"

It was such a simple phrase but it sounded so scary when it came from Di Fuyi’s mouth.

Gu Xietian suppressed his emotions and kowtowed, "I wasn’t trying to negotiate but I wish I could teach her the lesson by myself as she deserves punishment for insulting her own sibling…"

"Up to you." Di Fuyi said.

Gu Xietian reported to the Emperor, jumped down to the stage and walked towards Gu Tianyi. Before she could manage to speak, Gu Xietian had given her a few slaps on her face, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Xijiu is your sister! How could you insult her and even influence others to join you!?"

Gu Xietian was a warrior; he did not hold back his force but literally slapped Gu Tianyi on the face. When he was done, her face swelled up and turned red; her lips were even bleeding.

That was not the end - Gu Xietian gave her a bad kick after slapping her. She was flung away and one of her ribs even broke!

This time, she could not even get up. She lied on the floor and cried while admitting her mistakes...

Gu Xietian said angrily, "Since you know that you’ve wronged her, aren't you supposed to apologize to your sister!?"

Gu Tianyi was really frightened! Although she used to talk a lot of nonsense, she did not expect to face such a serious consequence this time around!

However, she knew that her father was trying to seek a way for her to escape. She quickly dragged herself to the stage and kowtowed to Gu Xijiu, "I’m really sorry, I beg for your forgiveness, sister. Please, forgive me."

She kept kowtowing until her skin bled.

Gu Xijiu took a glance at her but remained silent.

She was no Mother Maria, she had no interest in her apology.

The original owner used to be bullied by Gu Tianyi.

She kicked the young Gu Xijiu into the water during the winter, simply accused her, told other siblings to avoid her, even lied to her and almost caused her to be kidnapped!

She was not the most evil person in the world but she deserved to die!

She had never left room for retreat every single time she attacked others.

Although some of her actions did not sound very serious, it could lead to severe consequences!

Gu Xijiu did not kill Gu Tianyi earlier as she did not want her blood to stain her knife; how could she be willing to rescue her now?

Gu Tianyi would definitely get punished in a cruel way if Gu Xijiu had refused to help her...

To Gu Xietian, Gu Tianyi was not his favorite daughter anymore. However, she has been serving him for so many years, so he was not ready to see her suffer from those punishments. He looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu..."

Gu Xijiu looked at him coldly; her glares scaring him to the extent that the could not utter the rest of the words he wanted to say.

Di Fuyi asked, "General Gu, have you finished?"

Gu Xietian stopped for a short while, "This is my family affair…"

Di Fuyi replied coldly, "If Gu Xijiu is solely your daughter, I don't even give a sh*t how your other daughters bullied her. However, she is the disciple of The Lord and she has been insulted by your daughter, do you think this is still purely a family affair?"

Gu Xietian was pale, he could not continue to answer, "This…"

Di Fuyi no longer had the patience in him and spoke to the Emperor, "Your Majesty, General Gu is done with his punishment. It it her turn to receive the national legal punishment?"

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