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No wonder Celestial Master You had hated him so much!

If her disciple whom she trained intensively was murdered by Di Fuyi, she would have fought with him just as intensively too!

"Why did you kill his disciple?" Did the disciple commit a great sin? Was the disciple a male or female?" Gu Xijiu had read a lot of stories about romance between a master and a disciple. Now she had the feeling that there was an unspeakable relationship between Celestial Master You and his disciple.

Di Fuyi put his arm on her shoulder again, "Little Xijiu, you are consumed with too much curiosity. Please remember that curiosity not only kills the cat but can also kill a person. If you want to live longer, please refrain from being so curious."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She knew this theory better than anyone else. She was not usually such a curious person.

But somehow tonight, she acted a bit different than she normally would.

She laughed while taking away his arm on her shoulder and stepped backward. She said lightly, "If you want to return alive, please behave yourself."

Di Fuyi’s eyes flashed and wanted to pull her close to him, "Don’t run away."

His hand almost hit the colorful poisonous knife!

Gu Xijiu was holding the knife and said, "Be careful. I can recognize you, but my blade doesn't."

She then stepped back again and said, "Don't worry, I will not run away."

She had been running and was chased by him, thus she thought that it would be better to face him directly.

This little girl had her own temper. Although she was weak, she could not be humiliated.

Di Fuyi stood up, "This is not the place for me to rest. I had just scared Tian Jiyue away but he might be coming back again. Let’s go home."

When he finished his sentence, a shadow appeared outside the cave. It was Tian Jiyue, "Do you think I am a mouse? I am not so easily frightened."

Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu remained silent.


The wind was blowing moderately and the cloud was bobbing along like a wave.

Gu Xijiu was sitting on the Unicorn’s back and stared at Di Fuyi, who sat opposite her.

This man neither looked sick and nor pale anymore.

He also did not look like a man who had just fought with someone. His purple robe was still clean and neat. At this moment, he was leisurely playing the flute.

Gu Xijiu thought of the fight just now and could not help but rub her eyebrows.

Poor Celestial Master You had been trapped by Celestial Master Zuo once again!

The secret talk between her and Di Fuyi finally attracted Tian Jiyue to return.

At first, Tian Jiyue wanted to beat Di Fuyi up severely to avenge his disciple. When he appeared in the cave again, he immediately issued a vicious slap on Di Fuyi's face.

That slap was simply earth-shattering and would be enough to hit him badly, as he had already looked very sick.

However, the sick Di Fuyi suddenly stopped feeling ill…

The battle between the two masters was as vicious as an earthquake. The whole mountain was almost flattened by the strong wind they had kicked up.

Tian Jiyue’s ability should be at the same level as Di Fuyi's. However, he had been at the headwind when he first started the battle, as he had underestimated his opponent and was getting more pa.s.sive when the fight lasted till almost the end.

It was only until Tian Jiyue vomited blood and was seriously injured, Di Fuyi had stopped attacking him… 

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