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"Which part is strange?"

"Your body doesn’t look like it was born useless, but instead, seems to be sealed by someone with a special technique." The Firmament Stone said, uncertain.

Gu Xijiu was so surprised that she frowned, "Sealed by a special technique?"

"Yes, it looks like it’s being sealed. And you can now recover a little, which should also mean that the seal could have a small hole in it now. If you can open up the whole seal, you could be considered a genius of spirit power, with the ability to kill anything in just a second." The Firmament Stone drew her a wonderful footprint.

Gu Xijiu frowned, "It’s odd. The original owner of this body was low in status and was weak. She was also a daughter of a general, who would plot to seal her spirit power? Could that be the people in the mansion of the general? Leng Xiangyu? Gu Tianchao?"

"Master, the technique used to seal your body is extremely odd and advanced. Not to mention those people at the general's mansion, even the crown prince, Rong Jialuo, is unable to perform it too."

"Then who could it be?"

"I can’t guess." Even the Firmament Stone was clueless.

Gu Xijiu suddenly had a thought, "Could it be Celestial Master Zuo?!" After all, it was he who broke the seal. The seal still requires the doer to undo it…

"It couldn’t be him. Why would he make things difficult for a little girl?"

Gu Xijiu recalled that Di Fuyi used to say that he knew the madam of the general, and she suddenly had a brainwave!

Perhaps parts of what Di Fuyi said were true!

For example, Luo Xinglan used to bring her kid along to beg him…

From the news she received via a furtive probe, she knew that the mother of the original owner of this body, Luo Xinglan, was a woman who acted and talked like a man. Before marriage, she was a remarkable and smart woman who traveled the world. Only after she was married to Gu Xietian, she started being a housewife. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise for her to know Celestial Master Zuo at all.

However, because of his high status, Luo Xinglan would probably not have tried her best to beg for Celestial Master Zuo’s help if her child did not suffer from an extremely complicated issue…

What had happened to this kid at the time?

Luo Xinglan should not be asking Celestial Master Zuo perform face reading for her kid for no good reason!

Currently, Di Fuyi should be the only person who knows the truth, but if he did not want to say it, she could not coerce him for the truth.

She rubbed the spot between her eyebrows. Well, just live and let live. After all, some truth should not be disclosed when the time was not right. By now, as she had already recovered some of her spirit power, she could also practice some skills to improve it. Furthermore, her teleportation technique had improved by leaps and bounds too.

Just now, when she teleported carrying Di Fuyi, she practically managed to get in position so accurately that there was no single error deviated from what she expected. Previously, it was totally impossible!

Therefore, she felt she had a 50 percent chance to survive even when she was being thrown into the Dark Forest!

As long as she could walk out of the Dark Forest, she would regain her freedom. After all, no longer did the Celestial Master have any reasons to catch her, hence, he would not watch her so closely anymore.

As for Long Siye, his main target should be the Illusion Weed. Therefore, she could threaten him with the Illusion Weed at critical moments to force him to let go…

She was not able to defeat him yet, hence, she could not confront him directly for the time being. Furthermore, she no longer needed the Illusion Weed - it did not matter even if she had to destroy it or give to him.

When she was pondering what to do in the future, she suddenly sensed something and jumped!

Somebody was outside!

The cave where they were in had not a single exit. A wall of about two feet thick, which could insulate sound, was blocking the cave from the outside world. She was no longer who she used to be, but when she stayed calm and quiet, she could still hear the sound of movement outside.

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