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Such meditation style was rather odd. It was like the position of a crane showing off its wings.

Gu Xijiu initially thought that he was trying to make a fool of her, but when she positioned herself with the right posture and took her first breath, she felt the faintly discernible spiritual power at her diaphragm had suddenly become tangible!

Her spiritual power in her body was originally like a small pool of water without a source, but now a new path had opened up for the pool to form a stream flowing through her body gradually.

"Master, you have spiritual power now!" The Firmament Stone, which had been trying to hide its existence suddenly shouted in surprise.

Her sudden excitement shocked Gu Xijiu and stopped the flow of her spiritual power as it affected her concentration. Di Fuyi touched the bracelet on her wrist with his finger, and the body of Firmament Stone became tense!

Then, it heard the message of Celestial Master Zuo, "Simply talk again, and I’ll abrogate you!"

The Firmament Stone shivered and kept quiet!

It was sobbing because this man could hear its conversation with its Master! More strangely, he also could talk to it privately without its master being aware of it.

Because this man was a faultfinder, the Firmament Stone barely spoke in front of him.

Gu Xijiu opened her eyes to look at Celestial Master Zuo who was close by, "You…"

"Continue." Celestial Master Zuo turned and sat down somewhere nearby.

As Gu Xijiu was happy with what she experienced, she continued.

As she roughly knew about practicing spiritual power in her previous life, it was easier for her now. She slowly adjusted the power in her body and felt it flowing through her muscles and veins like spring water. She was carried away by the entire process.

After a period of time, she had finally finished meditating and was shocked when she opened her eyes!

They were many corpses of poisonous creatures lying in front of her. There was a crimson poisonous scorpion, a colorful long snake, and some unknown ferocious beasts.

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi was idly leaning against a tree, holding a jade flute while the wind fluttered part of his robe.

So, this wild fruit forest was not as safe as she thought and had many ferocious beasts too. While she was meditating, Di Fuyi was protecting her.

He then looked towards her, "You’re awake. How do you feel?"

Gu Xijiu moved her limbs, and her eyes brightened, "Excellent!"

It was different to have spiritual power in the body; her physical strength recovered quickly!

She had only meditated for an hour, and she felt perfect. This was impossible previously. She even felt that her body was much lighter and her eyesight was better too.


Though the moon was round, the clouds were thick enough to cover parts of the moon. Hence, the wild fruits forest was pretty dark. Before this, she would be pleased if she could see the fruits. However, she could now even see Di Fuyi's eyelashes which were at least 10 meters away.

She initially had a useless body which could not recover by itself. Therefore, the person in front must have helped her without her knowing!

Gu Xijiu was wondering for a moment before she looked at Di Fuyi, "It was that Revelation Elixir, the peculiar potion, right? That’s the reason why my spiritual power can recover, right?"

"What a clever little girl!" Di Fuyi played with his fingers and continued, "Well, it had indeed contributed partially, the rest is mine."

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