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Gu Xijiu was holding her saber, unmoved.

She had read about 'Thunderbloods Mastiff' in a book of strange animals. It could call out the thunder but use blood as sacrifice. Its fur could change color like a chameleon. It was known to be fierce and vengeful. Therefore, once it got offended, it will fight back to its death. Its speed is said to be even faster than a leopard. Some say as fast as lightning!

As she had cut open its stomach, she had naturally infuriated it. Therefore, no matter where she went, she was going to be hunted down! Her best means of escaping should have been her teleportation power, but unfortunately, it was disabled.

There was only one thing she could do now, fight! Either she died, or it died!

"Run to Celestial Master Zuo; he can deal with it!" The Firmament Stone suggested.

The corner of Gu Xijiu’s lip raised slightly, and she replied with only two words, "Shut up!"

It was impossible for her to escape now!

Furthermore, with Di Fuyi’s excellent hearing ability, he would have heard the noise here and come to help. Thus, if he wanted to come over, he would have come.

The Firmament Stone was speechless, "…"

Thunderbloods Mastiff was indeed an extremely abnormal beast. Gu Xijiu had stabbed it to the point where half of its internal organs were exposed, yet it could actually recover so fast that the wound was getting visibly smaller.

Due to its fast recovery rate, Gu Xijiu suspected that it would not die unless it was struck right at its most vulnerable point.

"Where’s its weakest point?" Gu Xijiu inquired the Firmament Stone.

"I… I don’t know." It was so rare that the Firmament Stone stammered, "Thunderbloods Mastiffs was extremely rare, and was usually only found in Dark Forest’s third peak and above."

Gu Xijiu, "F*ck!"

It was rare for Gu Xijiu to use a vulgar word.

Did she just fall into the Dark Forest!? She raised her saber and charged towards that Thunderbloods Mastiff!

Since Gu Xijiu got to this world, she had encountered a proper fight before. Therefore, this would be the first time the Firmament Stone would witness her real combat ability.

Fast! Accurate! Vicious!

Her little body was like lightning strikes during the night as she fought valiantly against the Thunderbloods Mastiff.

In the beginning, that Thunderbloods Mastiff probably wanted to feast on her. It did not call out for thunderbolt but relied on its claws to attack and its teeth to tear. It was ready to use its tail to sweep and its body to fling Gu Xijiu.

But after more than ten rounds in which Gu Xijiu continuously pierced the beast, it finally exploded in anger and started to call out for thunderbolts!

With a move of its head, a thunderbolt was heading towards Gu Xijiu! If it struck her, she would immediately turn into coal.

The surrounding giant boulders shattered into powder and big holes were found on the surface of the ground too. These showed the real power of the beast.

Gu Xijiu had fully exerted herself by now. Her Qing Gong was just average compared to before when she was a serial killer. Even though the Thunderbloods Mastiff was great, it was still facing troubles against Gu Xijiu. The Thunderbloods Mastiff was howling greatly like thunder that the earth was shaking too.

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips even tighter due to the intensity of the situation. She almost died several times and would be killed by the thunder of this beast if she did not pay enough attention.

She had poisoned it a few times, but it was not useful at all! How was she going to kill it?!

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