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Gu Xijiu took advantage of the situation and jumped back. She did not have time to fix the dislocation and dashed towards the outside of the palace.

She was fast, but Long Siye was even faster. In a flash, he had wholly blocked her escape route and grabbed her, "Xijiu, please believe in me that I’m doing this for your good, come on, let me fix the fracture."

No one would possibly believe that he was kind to her. Gu Xijiu’s face went pale. She tried to escape his grasp again.

Her teleportation power had been unfortunately disabled. Moreover, this place was too frigid. Her arms and legs were so numb from the moment she separated herself from Long Siye. Unquestionably, her movements would not be as smooth and effortless as before. Long Siye grabbed her again, "Xijiu!"

Just when he was trying to convince her again, they heard three crisp sounds of someone clapping his hands at the entrance, followed by a lazy tone of voice, "What kind of dramatic fight is going on here?"

Long Siye was stunned and looked towards the direction of the entrance.

Di Fuyi was standing there, right next to the door. He let his dark, black hair down and could be seen wearing a purple robe with ripples formed by the tiny gusts of wind. The sunlight had framed his silhouette in a strikingly gold color. He looked at ease.

He stretched out his hand towards Gu Xijiu and said, "Come here, sweetheart."

She had initially hoped that she would never have to see him again, but now, his timely presence was such a relief to her. At the very least, Long Siye could not harm her in any way for the time being.

Long Siye was indeed unimpressed. Icily, he threw a cold glance at Di Fuyi, "Please don’t be so frivolous when you talk to her!"

Di Fuyi straightened his body and responded with a faint smile, "Frivolous? She could be my fiancée anytime, so what’s wrong for me to call her my sweetheart?"

"What… What fiancée?" Long Siye was so astonished that he started to stutter a little. It was such a rare scenario.

Di Fuyi chuckled with approval, "Is it difficult for you to grasp the term of ‘fiancée’?"

"No! I mean, how could she be your fiancée? Hey, what are you doing?"

Di Fuyi moved as fast as lightning.

He was initially leaning against the doorframe lazily a few moments ago, looking inoffensive and harmless. All of a sudden, he looked like he was about to attack without any warning.

He was not aiming at Long Siye. Instead, he intended to hit the ice coffin. His energy was so powerful that his impending strike would undoubtedly end with a thunderous sound! Once he hit the ice coffin, everything would shatter into pieces, including the body of the girl that was lying within. Restoring her would be impossible.

Long Siye was frightened beyond words! Without further hesitation, he let go of Gu Xijiu's hand and ran towards the ice coffin. He stopped abruptly next to it with both his arms wide open in hopes of preventing Di Fuyi's strike from hitting the ice coffin.

Di Fuyi’s strike had a golden glow, and Long Siye’s defensive move was glowing in green instead.

The golden strike seemed to hit like a hammer! The green defense appeared to be like a defense net that was capable of stopping anything that was coming its way. Gu Xijiu heard a loud noise upon their collision.

The noise was so loud that it had invaded her ears, almost like a metal nail brutally pushing its way through her eardrums. There was a short buzzing sound in her ears. Then, her mind went blank, and she started to fall, head down.

All of a sudden, someone caught her at her waist and supported her before she fell. The arm that reached her was so warm that it pa.s.sed enough heat to warm her entire body. She had not felt this warm since she distanced herself from Long Siye.

She also felt a resurgence of strength and the noise in her ears became more tolerable.

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