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Gu Xijiu never knew that it could be this cold on a mountain peak. It could be almost comparable to the Mount Everest!

Although she had other clothes in her storage bag, those were only suitable for autumn. The thickest piece of clothing she had was a jacket. She retrieved it and wore it on her, but she was still shivering.

Contrastingly, Long Siye only wore a thin gray robe. It was clear that he possessed tremendous internal powers to remain unimpacted by the cold.

Gu Xijiu knew that if she were willing to let him hold her hand, she would absorb his warmth, but she did not want to! She did not want to have any relationship with this person. Somehow fate had brought them back together, but she did not want to get involved anymore. Thus, she decided to bear with the weather.

Long Siye walked confidently in front of her, but in fact, he had been paying attention to all her movements. He had terrific sensitivity to sound so he could hear her heavy breathing. However, she was too stubborn and refused to get close to him. She did not even need to touch him to be able to feel his warmth.

"Xijiu, come here!’ He reached his hand out to her again. Gu Xijiu walked past him quickly and ignored his hand. She headed directly to the ice palace, "Let's not waste time. Is the thing you wanted to show me inside the palace? Let’s talk inside there."

When she reached the entrance of the palace, Long Siye immediately held her back, "Xijiu, let me hold you. It is even colder inside. I am afraid you will not be able to bear it without any spiritual power."

Gu Xijiu only offered him a frown but did not reject him. She walked inside the palace together with him.

It was empty inside the palace, aside from some portable part.i.tions made from white jade. Her eyes were attracted to them as there was a painting portrayed on them of a woman dressed in white holding a man with a green shirt.

The green-shirted man was tall and handsome. Apparently, it was Long Siye. The woman in white was Gu Xijiu in her previous life. Without asking, she knew that Long Siye painted it. No one else knew what she looked like in her earlier life.

Gu Xijiu stared at Long Siye. She never expected that he was so good at painting now.

"I used to practice a lot, and I painted a portrait. I only painted you and me…" Long Siye held her hand and walked forward.

Gu Xijiu looked at the woman and bit her lip. She was curious if Long Siye had drawn her or his fiancé, Ye Hongfeng. After all, she was her clone, and both of them looked the same.

They walked past the portable part.i.tion and finally, Gu Xijiu saw the 'thing' behind the wind shade. She was stunned.

There was a ma.s.sive crystal coffin made of ice! The coffin was transparent, so it was easy to see the inside. There was a blue liquid inside the coffin, which engulfed a young lady. An unknown cloth wrapped the young lady whose eyes were shut as she lay inside the coffin like a sleeping beauty.

Gu Xijiu was not stunned by the beauty of the young lady but rather the incredibly familiar face she had.

It was her in her previous life!

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