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"This is called the Golden Sore Medicine. The red one is to apply externally while the blue is for you take orally. No matter how serious an injury is, once you use it you will be able to move after an hour and fully recover after resting for a day."

"This is…?"

Long Siye brought her to his treasure storeroom and took out a few precious collections to show her. His medicines could heal, improve strength, increase defense, and so on. Long Siye was very generous and put all these things into a silver storage bag and handed it to Gu Xijiu.

However, Gu Xijiu did not accept it, "Overlord Long, I have told you before that I am not the person that you are looking for." She then turned away to leave the room.

Long Siye remained silent.

He slowly walked out and saw Gu Xijiu standing beside the railing. The wind had blown so intensely that her dress and hair fluttered in the breeze. She looked beautiful.

Long Siye had a thought in his mind. He wondered how he could have made a mistake. He was as familiar with her temperament as much as he was on his own. He might have made mistakes with other people, but not her!

Gu Xijiu always paraded many different appearances when she was out for missions, but she had consistently shown her true self in front of him.

Long Siye's eyes then drifted to her forehead. The birthmark seemed to be much lighter now. Once she grows up, she will be a pretty girl.

He carefully looked at her facial features. She looked about 70 to 80% similar to what she looked like in her previous life which was quite similar to Gu Xixi. However, her temperament was identical.

"Xijiu, what do you think of the scenery here? Does it look like the Guoliang Village that we went to last time?" Long Siye walked over and stood side by her side.

Gu Xijiu looked calm and replied, "Guoliang Village? That name sounds very rural. I would never expect Overlord Long to be one to visit these kinds of places."

Long Siye remained silent.

He sighed softly, "That place is isolated from the outside world. The residents there were honest. I told you I liked that place and could stay there after I retired. You said you would accompany me and practice martial arts on the hill. That night you were very excited and even drew out a blueprint of the courtyard that you liked."

Gu Xijiu did not speak and looked indifferent.

Long Siye looked around to see if her attention was diverted and then continued, "When I first came to the Tianwen Mountain, this was my favorite place, so I built this detached house. Does everything here look like the blueprint that you drew?"

Even if it looked alike, it did not change anything.

The buildings might be the same, but the people are different.

Gu Xijiu held on the railing and looked at the cloud below the mountain. The wind blew her hair up in front of Long Siye's face.

He was happy at that moment being next to his loved one who looked beautiful. Long Siye could no longer resist. He reached out to hold her hand on the railing, "Xijiu…"

Gu Xijiu reacted very quickly. She withdrew her hand and stepped backward. Long Siye did not get to hold her and felt disappointed.

"Overlord Long, are you feeling guilty about something?" Gu Xijiu looked at him and asked.

Long Siye felt strange and cold. He was very familiar with her character. In the past, she was always very cold to strangers and kept a distance with other people. Although she was standing quite close to him, he could feel the distance between them.

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