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The Firmament Stone was very patient. "My Lord, look, this is the scene after you immortalize. You've been safeguarding this continent for more than 10,000 years; would you not miss it even if you don't love it? I'm sure you wouldn't want it to be destroyed right?"

Di Fuyi still remained silent as though he was meditating.

The Firmament Stone circled his body as it blinked; it played another scene for Di Fuyi which showed the Little Fox and Yan Chen. Yan Chen and Lan Waihu should have gotten back together but they were trying to escape from a collapsed ground. However, who could escape from such a terrifying disaster? Although they had very good Kung Fu, it was not sufficient!

Yan Chen flew away from the ground with Lan Waihu and they managed to avoid the lava and floods. However, they did not manage to escape from the falling meteorites and Yan Chen was. .h.i.t by a giant rock and crashed on the ground when he tried to save Lan Waihu. He fell into a pool of lava while Lan Waihu screamed aloud as she watched the scene. "Brother Yan Chen!!" Eventually, she jumped into the lava too.

Occasionally, Qian Lingyu, Baili Ce, Luo Zhanyu, Gu Xietian, Luo Xinglan, and many others appeared in the scene… Many people from Tianju Hall and some of Gu Xijiu's friends and relatives were engulfed by all the disasters one by one. It was extremely disgusting and cruel.

The Firmament Stone also added extra audio. "My Lord, do you really not care about these people? Xijiu cares about them very much… Although they don't deserve to die, they have to die, just because of the love between you and her! I'm sure Xijiu would be so guilty and sad if they die this way…"

Di Fuyi shifted his gaze on the clip as though he was thinking about something. The Firmament Stone thought the opportunity has come! Thus, it changed the clip. This time, Mu Feng and the other three messengers were there with The Lord's maidservants. Certainly, the four messengers were important to him; however, the maidservants were also loyal to him and many other people have risked their lives for him. Unfortunately, none of them made it through disasters.

They have tried so hard to improve their spiritual power in order to be his servant; hence, they certainly did not want to die this way. They screamed in fear and many of them would shout- 'Help us, Celestial Master Zuo!'

Many scenes right before they died were paused and then zoomed in to enlarge their face. It was intended to show Di Fuyi their expression. "My Lord, do you also not care about these people?"

Di Fuyi looked pale but he still remained silent. Although he was immune to life and death, he still cared about those people in the clips and believed that they did not deserve to die. He could neglect his life but how about those people?

Di Fuyi shifted his gaze back to the Firmament Stone. His gaze was firm and sharp; hence, the Firmament Stone immediately took a few steps back. "My Lord, why do you stare at me this way?"

"I just didn't expect you to know so much…"

The Firmament Stone was an arrogant jade, but it was quite humble in front of Di Fuyi. "I… I'm the Firmament Stone though; I know most of the things in the world…"

"Can you see the future?"

The Firmament Stone blinked. "A little."

Di Fuyi's voice turned icy. "So, you already knew what Xijiu would go through today?"

The Firmament Stone was shocked! "No... No! Her action was beyond my imagination… I really didn't expect that. In fact, I never thought that she would die…"

Di Fuyi's eyes sparkled. "You really think this way too?"

"Of course..! She is the new Lord; the new master of this world. Logical speaking, she wouldn't have died no matter what…"

Di Fuyi's gaze looked dim again. It was right; logical speaking, The Lord wouldn't die unless it was time to go... Back then, he had gone through several very dangerous situations. However, he made it through every single time and even improved his power every time.

Sometimes, he was too bored with life; hence, he even thought of killing himself. From there, he experienced some difficulties and pain but he could never die. The only way was for the Omen to replace him.

"My Lord, in fact, I'm also wondering about this. The future Lord could be killed by the Omen before she is mature, but she is supposed to be blessed by the heavens once she achieved a level ten spiritual power; she is not supposed to die before the time comes. However, she is dead this time and this is strange…"

The Firmament Stone circled around Gu Xijiu's body and coiled on her wrist for a while. "She is really dead, I cannot feel her soul…"

Di Fuyi looked at her in his embrace. In fact, he did not believe that she was really dead. He had tried to call her souls several times before but did not receive any response. There were only three possibilities for this condition. Firstly, she was dead. Secondly, she was reborn. Lastly, she had immortalized... However, he witnessed her souls broken in his embrace; it was impossible for her to still be alive. Also, it would take time for her to be reborn.

Especially for those whose souls had broken into pieces; they had to gather their souls in order to reborn. Next, they needed to pa.s.s the Bridge of Helplessness and drink Mengpo soup… In fact, the process would take at least half a year to complete. Anyway, her souls were gone.

While the third possibility did not seem to fit her case. Immortalization only happens when one's power was ranked at the level of a deity. This was non-reversible and would only happen when the time was right.

According to what he knew, a deity would completely disappear once he or she immortalizes. He would disappear from this world and not even a single soul would be found.

Gu Xijiu was yet to be a deity and it was not her time to leave yet; hence, it was impossible for her to immortalize...

The three possibilities were flawed and Di Fuyi seriously had no idea what was happening. Since Di Fuyi was deeply in shock, he had been living a messy life recently and was lazy to use his brain. The only thing he wanted to do was to make the world her funeral companion.

However, he began to doubt her death since the Firmament Stone pointed out the information. He looked at the Firmament Stone and recalled its origin was so special when it came to Gu Xijiu. Besides that, it was Gu Xijiu's little advisor and it had some unique functions.

Since this fella was quite chatty and annoying, Di Fuyi often sealed its consciousness when they spent time together. He did not pay much attention to it since he knew it was not harmful to Gu Xijiu. Finally, he realized this jade was not as simple as he thought. Suddenly, Di Fuyi focused his full attention on the Firmament Stone.

The Firmament Stone shivered as he stared at it.

"Why did you come to Xijiu in the first place?" Di Fuyi suddenly asked.

The Firmament Stone immediately went stiff. "It… It was a fate…"

Di Fuyi suddenly grabbed it. "I want the truth!"

He grabbed it tightly until the Firmament Stone suffocated and screamed. "Let go! Let go! Watch your action when you talk to an auspicious jade! Otherwise, you will be punished by heaven again!"

Di Fuyi immediately looked at it and caught the key point. "Punished by heaven again? What do you have to do with heavenly law?"

The Firmament Stone remained silent.

It immediately reversed. "Don't… Don't know. What's heavenly law?"

Di Fuyi remained silent as he stared at it but his gaze turned cooler now.

The Firmament was panicked. It was worried that he would squash it into dust if he was upset. "It… It's related to a heavenly secret; I can't tell you!"

Di Fuyi was speechless. He did not expect there was any heavenly secret which he was not aware of.

Di Fuyi refused to let it slide. "You already knew she was the new Lord when you found her, right?"

The Firmament Stone was speechless.

"Have you disclosed any heavenly secrets to her?"

This time the Firmament Stone was very responsive! "Of course not! Otherwise, she will be punished! You should know better right, My Lord?"

Di Fuyi closed his eyes to think; he was so used to getting everything he wanted; hence, he did not really care about any heavenly punishment. He has also disclosed heavenly secrets and got punished before, but it had all been settled.

However, the heavenly punishment would not only fall on the one who disclosed the secret but also on the listener. There would be a tragedy that would ensue. Therefore, Di Fuyi would never disclose any heavenly secrets to the people he cared about in order to prevent them from being punished.

The Firmament Stone was worried that Di Fuyi blamed it for causing Gu Xijiu's soul to fade away; it quickly explained. "I know what to say and what not to say; I've never told her heavenly secret."

Di Fuyi stopped talking; he closed his eyes as he hugged Gu Xijiu tightly.

The Firmament Stone carefully circled around him again as it looked at his posture. "My Lord! You shouldn't continue sleeping anymore! The world is a mess now, all the disasters I showed you would happen if you continue to behave this way!"

"What should I do then?" Di Fuyi opened his eyes. "There are five more months to go; do you think the heavens would a.s.sign another new Lord with a level ten of spiritual power again?"

"Uhmmm, perhaps?" The Firmament Stone hesitated to continue. "I feel, you should check the stars…"

Di Fuyi stared at it for a while. "Did you sense something again?"

The Firmament Stone immediately ran away! "I can't disclose!"

Di Fuyi came to the backyard again with Gu Xijiu. He was stunned when he looked at the starry night.

There were dark clouds in the sky and he found a strange star in the clouds.

It was a five-colored star; though it looked big, it was quite dim. Apparently, it was surrounded by dark clouds; hence, it could not shine.

That was... A subst.i.tute Lord? To his surprise, there was a subst.i.tute Lord. It seemed that heaven did not want this continent to be destroyed...

Di Fuyi clenched his fingers as he looked at Gu Xijiu who was in his embrace. The throne of the new Lord belonged to her!

The Firmament Stone was so excited. "My Lord, look, there's a subst.i.tute Lord! You just have to find him or her and pa.s.s everything on; then the world would be saved! Therefore, my master would not get a mess when she returns…"

Di Fuyi was shocked! "What did you just say? Your master returns?!"

'Oh, f*ck!' The Firmament Stone was panicked!

d.a.m.nit! It seemed to have disclosed a heavenly secret!

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