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She frowned slightly but just when she was about to say something, Long Siye held her wrist tightly, and his voice came in through Directed Audio, "You cannot admit that you escaped on your own. Otherwise, regardless of whether you have a heavenly gift, you will be subjected to severe and cruel punishment and most probably get handicapped!"

"So serious?!" Gu Xijiu asked in shock.

Di Fuyi never told her about it when he found her. Did he purposely want to punish her when he brought her to the Open Heaven Stage? If the person being put to the test escaped, then he/she would get punished. Then what about the person who hijacked the test? Will they be punished?

A series of questions flashed through Gu Xijiu’s mind.

After all, Long Siye had worked with her for many years and still understood her temper very well. At this moment, when he saw her facial expression, he could guess what was in her mind. He felt warm and sent Directed Audio again, "Don’t worry. He cannot do anything to me. I can send some herbs to him as compensation."

Di Fuyi’s fingers tapped on the table for a moment. He looked at Long Siye and said, "Overlord Long, although you are highly respected, you still need to obey the rules set in this continent. You had broken a rule when you hijacked the test, and you should know what kind of punishment you will get."

Long Siye replied in a calm and relaxed manner, "You don’t have to remind me. After this matter is resolved, I will accept my fate. However, as for you, you broke into the Tianwen clan, and it is against our rules as well!"

"Uh? So what will happen if I break your rules?"

"It is either we destroy your kung fu or put you to death." Long Siye's response was firm and cold.

Di Fuyi lifted his sleeves and said, "Okay. Let’s talk about it later if you can defeat me."

Long Siye sneered, "Master Di, do you want to fight in my territory? I have to remind you that we do not need to follow the rules of the Starry Crescent Land to fight against whoever breaks into the Tianwen clan. We also do not have to fight alone to defend ourselves from intruders. Master Di, do you think you can fight against all our disciples single-handedly?"

Di Fuyi sighed, "Well, maybe I can’t kill all of you. However, I never expect that you intend to have a group fight with me…"

Long Siye remained silent. His handsome face was a bit pale. He never liked a gang fight, but he would do that to protect Gu Xijiu. He formed a light green spell with his finger and said gently, "Once I issue this signal, a layer of defense will be formed. Do you want to try?"

Di Fuyi slowly stood up and replied instantly, "In fact, I would love to try."

Long Siye remained silent and was about to release the green lights. When he was about to issue the signal, Di Fuyi sat down again, "However, if I want to fight with all of you, it will be a brutal one. I do not want that to happen, so I don’t want to fight. Do you have any peaceful way to settle the matter?"

Long Siye was secretly relieved. He did not want to fight either. To be honest, although he had partnered Celestial Master Zuo to battle against enemies before, he never found out his real ability.

This person seemed to be weak when he fought against the weak but became strong when he fought against the strong. Every time when he was in a fight, he was always slightly better than his opponent so that he could maintain the fight from day to night. In the end, he would still defeat the enemy.

It was good to be friends with this kind of person, but more importantly one should never be his enemy as he would torture his enemy.

"I can settle with you, but there is one condition to meet." Finally, Long Siye could take charge this time.

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