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However, only one of the dishes was cooked by Gu Xijiu. She had grilled a tasteless fish which Long Siye tried and then asked her to stop cooking. He continued to prepare instead.

Gu Xijiu was surprised. In their previous life, he never entered the kitchen to cook although he was a master at fishing. She was always the chef. Now, he knew how to cook fish very well and used the same method she used in her previous life. Even the order of applying seasoning was the same!

Although he never learned to cook fish in the past, it seemed like he had learned just by watching her actions. She was distracted until a pair of chopstick appeared in front of her, "Come. Try my cooking and see if it meets your taste."

After Gu Xijiu took a few mouthfuls, she found that it was almost the same as her cooking. This is because even if the order of applying seasoning were the same, the taste would always be different if it was cooked by a different person.

Lengthy practice sessions and tests were required to cook the dish so that it had the same taste. Despite it not being the same, it seemed like Overlord Long had put a lot of effort to brush up his cooking skills. Although this made Gu Xijiu slightly happy, it did feel like needles piercing through her heart as well.

"How does it taste?" Long Siye could not resist asking her as he was waiting for her compliment.

"Not bad." Gu Xijiu replied with two words.

After she said it, she was shocked. She recalled that during her first attempt at cooking, she pa.s.sed the grilled fish to Long Siye and he also answered her in the same manner. The situation had been reversed now.

She suddenly felt irritated and could not taste anything even though she ate the fish. However, Long Siye’s eyes lit up slightly as he looked at her and he said, "It’s good that you like it. You can eat more if you like."

Everything seemed like it was replaying again except that the roles of the characters had been reversed. Gu Xijiu felt more and more irritated as their conversation went on. Ever since she knew that Long Siye was Long Xi, she did not want to have any relationship with him at all. Somehow he kept chasing after her!

To prevent her from escaping, Long Siye blocked her acupuncture points so that she could not use her Kung Fu. He also held her hand and did not release her even when he was fishing and cooking.

She knew that he was afraid of her escaping through her Teleportation Technique, but how long could he hold her for?

She sneered. If she wanted to run, no one could stop her.

The question was... How does she avoid the crazy Celestial Master Zuo? She knew that Long Siye would not hurt her over the short term no matter what intention she had, thus, she planned to stay here for half a month to rest and try to escape again later on.

Just when she thought about it, there was a chuckle from behind her, "It smells so nice!"

Gu Xijiu suddenly froze.

Long Siye’s facial expression changed, and he quickly pulled Gu Xijiu next to him before he looked up at the sky. As the clouds dispersed in the air, a person could be seen standing in the sky. The man was standing at the back of a white mythological animal with his purple robe fluttering in the wind.

The mythological animal he rode looked very strange. It did not look like a deer or a horse. Instead, there was a pair of wings at its back and a spiral horn on its head.

It was a unicorn!

That person was riding on a legendary unicorn!

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