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"No." Gu Xijiu must be too exhausted from rolling and subconsciously said, "I’ll just a.s.sume I’m hugging an ice bar."

Di Fuyi was p.i.s.sed off and speechless.

He flipped his sleeve to get rid of Gu Xijiu...

Since then, Gu Xijiu could not go near him anymore.

There seemed to be a layer of transparent force around him, as she was repelled when she tried to go nearer.

On the other hand, the cabin was getting warmer just like a steamer, and she was akin to a roasted pork being placed inside it.

Finally, she fainted.

The temperature in the cabin had returned to its normal temperature. A white handkerchief was moving around on Gu Xijiu's face to absorb her sweat. Di Fuyi was actually wiping her face!

Her hat had dropped off from her head and all her long hair was laid onto the cushion.

The only thing from her body which still looked original was her hair. However, it was wet and sweaty; she looked as though she had came out from a river.

Di Fuyi looked at her for a short while and then lightly drew his sleeve over her body. Apparently, her sweaty robe had became dry and neat, but not the front of her garment. She was probably in a daze and subconsciously got her garment front slightly opened. At the moment, it was opened widely and had exposed a white area...

Initially, Di Fuyi was trying to avoid it. However, he moved his gaze back to her body and then extended his hand to...

He not only left it open but had opened it wider. He has finally got the full view and frowned!

She was such an expert!

It looked exactly the same as real skin! It was that kind of skin from that male fatso - soft and fair, which made him want to peel it off now! How frustrating!

He pondered, as he wanted to explore more under the robe. However, he controlled himself.

He carried her and let her lie down on the cushion before opening her sleeve. Look at the fat arm! It was fat and fair, and it was still sweating!

He was extremely curious and pinched her arm. It felt so real...

Awesome Disguise Technique!


Even he could not have been able to make it so real!

He would have overlooked it if he did not have a special method to locate her!

Where did she learn this?

And she was so professional!

She did not neglect any part of her body - he even suspected that she would probably possess an artificial male reproductive organ down south...

He subconsciously looked at her pubic area. However, as it was wrapped with so many layers of clothes, he could not see anything.

He pondered, before quickly giving her a touch on her pubic area and withdrew his hand immediately.

He exhaled as he felt relieved.

Luckily, she did not have it!

He touched her face gently and sighed, "Sweetheart, you’re such a special one! Who are you?"

The Firmament Stone suddenly shone once, and Di Fuyi knocked immediately on the bracelet.

The shine was gone immediately!


It was like a dead jade wrapped around her wrist.

Di Fuyi was satisfied and continued to explore her artificial skin...

Due to acceleration, it was quite shaky in the cabin. Di Fuyi knocked on the cabin’s wall, "Getting excited? That was fast!"


The cart driver was speechless. He was the one told him to accelerate just now.

The order of their master carried the weight of a decree. No, it was more important than a decree.

Therefore, the young cart driver slowed down.


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