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"How about his name?"

"I have no idea." The Firmament Stone said. "This owner never showed his face, but he was able to solve all problems secretly. No one has ever seen him before. Perhaps, only the senior management teams of both businesses has had the chance of meeting him before."

Gu Xijiu nodded. The people in the auction room did not compromise easily. That showed how powerful their boss could be.

Who was that?

Sigh! Anyway, that had nothing to do with her. It was not necessary for her to find out who the master was behind it all...

Gu Xijiu really enjoyed the bath; all her tiredness had dissipated.

She got a new dress and tried to tie a ponytail. Liu Qiandai quickly stopped her and said, "Miss, this hairstyle doesn't suit you very well. Here, I'll help you."

Gu Xijiu was happy and thus, agreed.

Liu Qiandai was very skillful; she helped Gu Xijiu style her hair in under 15 minutes. She pa.s.sed a mirror to Gu Xijiu and said, "Have a look, how is it?"

The lady in the mirror wore a flower bun on her head. Her fringe was neatly combed, with a pair of eyes blinking. She looked great even though her skin was a bit tanned.

Gu Xijiu was happy with it.

It was easy for women to build their friendship. Two hours later, both of them has become friends!

Gu Xijiu not only treated Liu Qiandai’s illness but also gave her some skincare recipes and cosmetics.

Liu Qiandai also gifted Gu Xijiu a carriage when she heard that she needed to continue her journey...

Liu Qiandai sent Gu Xijiu off before returning to her courtyard. Just as she just entered the house, someone has already waiting for her inside.

It was a slim body shape in an eggsh.e.l.l-yellow dress, her pretty face was covered with muslin and only had her eyes exposed, which looked like the tail of the Phoenix. A blink of her eye was enough to captivate anyone's soul.

She was extremely beautiful, to the extent that no one was able to guess her age.

She was sitting in front of the table with a teacup in her hand. The teacup was spinning on her palm. Seemingly, she was bored of waiting.

"Mother Xi!" Liu Qiandai quickly knelt down to greet her.

She was the face of the business of the Ecstasy House, Mother Xi.

She did not always come to the Ecstasy House as there were a few people to a.s.sist her. Once in a while, she would drop by to talk to the prost.i.tutes.

No one would imagine Mother Xi to be such a beautiful person.

Besides that, she was also a talented person and most of the prost.i.tutes learned their skills from her.

Mother Xi was quite strange; she was young and pretty when Liu Qiandai was only eight years old. Although ten years had pa.s.sed, she still looked the same! Time seemed to have frozen and she would never age.

Liu Qiandai was very arrogant, but she respected Mother Xi very much.

Everyone in the Ecstasy House paid full respect to Mother Xi; they respected her and were also afraid of her.

Mother Xi had not come to the Ecstasy House for almost a year. Liu Qiandai was surprised when she suddenly appeared in her house.

"Qiandai, was that a little girl in your room? Was her face tanned and reddish, with very good medical knowledge?" Mother Xi asked rather directly.


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