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Gu Xijiu listened to his story with annoyance, "Thirteen years ago, I met your mother. You were as skinny as a monkey was. Your mother asked me to foresee your fortune. At that time I was in a good mood and agreed to your mother's request. I calculated that you could not live to the age of 15, as there was a huge disaster coming your way. Only a good marriage with a respectable bridegroom could prevent the disaster. But at that time you were married to Rong Yan. His ability and status were only very average; unable to break the disaster. Your mother pleaded me for a solution, and I owed her a favor, therefore I suggested to marry you… But with the following terms - first, your marriage with Rong Yan is to be dismissed. Second, you could escape the Dark Forest unscathed before you turned 15…"

Preposterous! It was preposterous!

Gu Xijiu looked at him as if he was an alien. How come people like him would give up their own marriage so easily? How laughable!

She thought for a while, "I have never heard anyone mentioning it…"

"It was an agreement between your mother and I; no one else was informed about it." Di Fuyi kindly explained to her. He smiled at her and asked, "Having a fiancé like me, is not that pleasant to you?"

Pleasant - my foot! She did not want a perverse fiancé like him!

"Celestial master, you are good at joking, but this isn't funny at all."

"You do not believe me? You think I am fooling you?" Di Fuyi asked in unpredictable tone.

You are fooling around! Although I do not know your intention, you are obviously fooling around!

She thought to herself, but could not say it out loud.

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Your claim is unsupported… Besides, I do not believe that my mother would marry me to two men."

Di Fuyi took out a black ring. It was shiny as silk and was made of jade.

"It is the engagement ring given to me by your mother. Your birth date and time are on it. Do you want to take a look? Besides, your mother did not marry you to two men. I only said you have to fulfill my terms before the marriage is agreed to."

The ring looked valuable, and Gu Xijiu did notice her birth date and time on it.

However, she sensed something uncanny with the ring, but somehow could not quite put her finger on it. Before she could inspect it closely, he took the ring back.

"Now, do you believe me?" Di Fuyi looked at her.

"Shouldn't the engagement ring be possessed by both sides? How come I do not have it…?"

"It was possessed by both sides - this ring is one of a pair, and you should have the other one. Your mother was keeping it for you. Unfortunately, she left too early, and that ring probably disappeared with her…" Di Fuyi answered in a soft voice, "This is not known to anyone else, and your mother is missing now. n.o.body would know if I remained silent. But I always keep my promise, and I do not have the heart to oppress the weak."

Did he keep his promise? Did he not oppress the weak? Was not that what he was doing right now?

Gu Xijiu despised him, but she did not express it.

She figured something out, and looked at him, "That is why you forced me to the trials,? If I wasn't a celestial student, would you have all the reasons in the world to cast me out to the Dark Forest and let me die?"

Di Fuyi smiled, "You are smart!"

Gu Xi Jiu was speechless.

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