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"Little Cang, can you still remember the original image of the locator?"

"I can’t remember it. Master, do you want to learn it? It requires strong spiritual power to draw this locator."

"Sooner or later I will have spiritual power, so it is good for me to learn as many as possible now."

"Baby, you are such a good learner. You are good girl…" A voice came behind her. It was a very pleasant voice, but it sounded like a devil to Gu Xijiu. The sound was very close to her. It was close enough that she could feel the light breath of the person who spoke.

Her body stiffened for a moment. Fortunately, she only took off half of her clothes. She did not turn back but instead quickly b.u.t.toned her shirt before she turned around and looked behind her.

A purple robe, black hair, and a ruby eye on the forehead - it was the annoying Celestial Master Zuo. At the moment, he was standing on the water, but his shoes were not even wet. He was surrounded by the Man Xiang Luo which formed a stunning scene.

Was he even human? Or was he born as the dog of [1] Erlang Shen? She had already washed off the locator, but he could still find her! Gu Xijiu secretly clenched her fists.

He was smiling at her, "Baby, do you want to learn about this locator spell? I know all the six methods to draw it. Do you want me to teach you all of them?"

Gu Xijiu looked at him thoughtfully and said, "Yes, I want to learn."

Di Fuyi looked at her and said, "So you don’t want to run away anymore?"

Gu Xijiu nodded her head but said, "It is not too late to run away learning it."

Di Fuyi remained silent. After a moment, he sighed, "I don’t easily teach my skill to others, why do you think I should teach you?"

"You asked me if I wanted to learn, so you already gave me a choice. Now that I decided that I want to learn, you seem to have regretted your decision. As a Celestial Master, how can you break your word?"

Di Fuyi sighed again, "You have a point here…"

He took out a chair out from nowhere and put it on the surface of the water. Then, he sat down and supported his chin with his hand. He looked at her sternly and spoke, "As a Celestial Master, should I always keep to my word? What would happen if I break my promise?"

Gu Xijiu never expected that the highly respected Celestial Master Zuo would contemplate such a shameless thing.

She was startled for a moment but then asked, "Are you the real Celestial Master Zuo?"

"Of course I am."

Gu Xijiu did not reply anything and turned back to swim to the sh.o.r.e. However, she gave up after she swam for a while. Although the coast seemed to be very near, she did not even get one-meter closer to it after swimming for one minute as if there was an invisible wall in front of her.

Apparently, it was another trick played by the crazy Celestial Master Zuo. Di Fuyi sat on the water, and the wind blew until his robe fluttered. He looked like a G.o.d-like person with a righteous att.i.tude, but she never expected that he would do such a childish thing.

She could not run away from him, could not fight against him, and was not as cheeky as him. And this person seemed to be very free to disturb people.

She pursed her lips and decided to meditate in the water without looking at him anymore.

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