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Gu Xijiu looked around the ruins of this abandoned house. This was the famous ghost house that no one would dare enter. Hence, she was alone. She was relieved as she knew the laughter from before belonged to the Celestial Master Zuo. He found her.

Fortunately, she responded quickly and teleported before he could catch her.

When she uses her ability, no one could tell which direction she disappeared to as she would not leave any scent along the way for others to track. She recalled that in her previous life when she went to murder a leader, she was surrounded by a dozen of guards with guns outside his house. However, she teleported and disappeared before they could shoot her. Later, when the guards got arrested, they told the policemen that they met a ghost.

Even though Celestial Master Zuo was skilled in tracking people, she believed that he would not be able to find her after a few teleportations. She had used a lot of effort to perform a few consecutive teleportations so when she finally sat down on the staircase she said, "Little Cang, can you sense if that crazy guy is around?"

The Firmament Stone did not give any response but suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder, and a voice could be heard from beside her ears, "Baby, what are you saying?"

Gu Xijiu was shocked beyond words! She immediately leaped up, and the hand slipped from her shoulder. She seized the opportunity to teleport again to stay away from the house.


Inside a crop field.

As it was now late autumn, the corn had not harvested yet and still grew tall inside the crop field. Gu Xijiu appeared in the field and was hidden by the tall crops.

As it had not been raining for a long time, there was a lot of dust on the leaves of the crops. Gu Xijiu stood there for just a moment but was dirtied with soil. She knew the if she used her Teleport Technique too frequently it would cause dizziness, so she gasped heavily and sat on a ridge to rest.

Although Celestial Master Zuo had great abilities, he was extremely clean thus she thought that he might not want to come to this place to find her. If he appeared again, she would throw soil at him.

When she finished thinking of this idea, there was a sigh from her back, "You are getting naughty... Moving from an abandoned house to a wasteland… Tsk tsk, can you get a cleaner place to rest?"

This time Gu Xijiu did not teleport away. She slowly turned around and looked at the direction where the voice came from. On the top of the messy crops, there was a man standing freely. He had a waist length hair with a ruby on his forehead and was wearing a purple robe.

Di Fuyi!

Gu Xijiu slowly stood up, and asked, "What do you want from me?"

She now knew she could not run away from him. Apparently, this guy had installed some tracker on her so he could find her so accurately. She had changed all her clothes and even bathed.

It could be just by luck if he found her once; by coincidence, if he could find her twice, but this was the third time that he could successfully find her!

Di Fuyi stood on top of the crop leaves, smiled at her, and asked, "Why are you not running away?"

Gu Xijiu stared at him angrily and felt like punching him. Since it was useless to run away, why would she want to escape again? To play hide and seek with him? She was not that stupid!

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