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Everything happened too quickly. It was safe to say that all Gu Xijiu's actions were the result of her natural instincts during the emergency. Therefore, she did not even know what was she hugging. However, the thing she hugged suddenly stiffened! Meanwhile, the ship finally stabilized.

And a cold voice was heard, "Let go of me!"

Gu Xijiu opened her eyes and found that she was hugging the waist of Celestial Master Zuo! She was clinging tightly in his embrace. She quickly released her hands and jumped away. When she raised her head, she saw the eight youths staring at her in a surprised manner.

She turned and saw both Celestial Master You and Long Siye at the two sides of the ship. Tian Jiyue always had a cold face, so his face remained expressionless. On the other hand, Long Siye pursed his lips slightly while staring at her with a gloomy face! Meanwhile, Di Fuyi whom she treated like a pillar had already stood up and looked at her with a stern face, "You’re brave enough, aren’t you!?"

The eight youths on board nodded their heads in secret, agreeing that this girl was seriously brave! Celestial Master Zuo would never allow anybody to go near him, and a cruel fate awaited anyone who did. None of them dared to go near him even though they had served him for a long time.

This girl whom he just met not only got near him but also hugged his waist! It was the first time anyone had seen the brilliant Celestial Master Zuo have a little girl in his embrace. But it was arguably more strange that he did not kick this little girl away! It was unusual indeed!

Gu Xijiu did not feel that anything was inappropriate as she would have hugged a pig under those circ.u.mstances. Nonetheless, she coughed and said, "I’m sorry. I’ve hugged you as a pillar."

Di Fuyi was speechless, "…"

He took a glance at Gu Xijiu and noticed that she was neither blushing nor showing any signs of nervousness. She did not look surprised that she hugged Celestial Master Zuo and in fact, her expression was really like she had just embraced a log of wood.


The Open Heaven Stage was the holiest place throughout the Tianxing Kingdom. Its usage was similar to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, but it was taller and grander.

The Temple of Heaven is a place to worship the G.o.ds to pray for good weather and good harvest. In contrast, this Open Heaven Stage was a place for Celestial Master Zuo to listen to the G.o.ds to verify if a person had received a heavenly gift.

The Open Heaven Stage would only become accessible when Celestial Master Zuo opened it himself. It would appear on the left side of his mansion in Fucang Palace like a mirage. Most people would never have seen this stage in their life.

Therefore, the news of Celestial Master Zuo taking Gu Xijiu to the Open Heaven Stage to verify her spread out quickly throughout the city. Countless everyday people came from all directions and gathered at the public square on the left side of the Fucang Palace waiting for the appearance of that holy venue.

When that wind ship hovered in the air, the people below cheered in excitement. When they saw Tian Jiyue and Long Siye on both sides of the blue ship, their cheers had become deafening! What a rare moment this was! As the ship hovered quite near to the people, the public saw Gu Xijiu jump away from the embrace of Celestial Master Zuo!

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