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Di Fuyi looked at her for a moment, and he suddenly laughed, "Please tell me about it."

Gu Xijiu stared at him for a moment and wanted to say but hesitated. Then, she sighed, "It’s alright, we should not mention it publicly." Everyone was confused and looked at each other to see if someone knew what had happened.

They just felt that her words had a hidden meaning that implied that she had offended Celestial Master Zuo, but because of his authority, she could not voice it out but had to keep it in her heart.

Verification of a disciple with a gift from the G.o.ds was originally done by only Celestial Master Zuo, but if he had personal feelings against Gu Xijiu, then he might not be objective in his verification.

Though there was no hearsay about Celestial Master Zuo making any mistake before, no gossip does not mean that he had never made a mistake. After all, he was too powerful that n.o.body dared to doubt on his decision.

His verifications were done openly, privately or at the Open Heaven Stage outside the Fucang Palace. Most of the time, he would complete the test alone while other people waited outside. At this moment, the people started to doubt whether he would be objective had Gu Xijiu offended her.

Among the primary doubters was Gu Xietian. He was so worried when Gu Xijiu said the two words, ‘heavenly gift.'

As he heard what Gu Xijiu said, he immediately said, "Your Majesty, testing if someone has been endowed with a gift from heaven is a serious matter. I think maybe we should have an open test and have two a.s.sistants so that everybody will be convinced of the result."

The emperor also understood the importance of the matter and that it must be handled prudently. He turned to Di Fuyi and asked, "Celestial Master Zuo, what do you think?"

Long Siye quickly added, "I’m willing to be an a.s.sistant."

"I can be an a.s.sistant too," A clear and indifferent voice came from outside the hall, and a man in black was seen walking in.

Celestial Master You, Tian Jiyue!

No one expected that he would come!

Having both Celestial Master Zuo and Celestial Master You gathered together was a first for many people. Not forgetting, the presence of Overlord Long which was also very rare.

All the court officials felt that with the presence of these three VIPs made the cla.s.sic hall suddenly become very shiny like gold. Witnessing these three people come together, they had no regrets in life even if they died today! What more the fact that these three people would work together for the first time to test if a little girl is indeed endowed with a heavenly gift.

Gu Xijiu had frequently been upstaged in recent times, but this was by far the biggest! Numerous eyes were focused on her while she stood there calmly as if she was very confident. What she said just now was to look for a way to retreat so that she could blame him for having personal feelings against her to get his revenge. She had, however, not expected to have this open test! And, it was going to be carried out by the three of them together!

Having Long Siye a.s.sist was still alright because he would want to save her. As for the other two celestial masters, it was hard to say! She did not know how good Celestial Master Zuo was but Celestial Master You was undoubtedly impartial and incorruptible.

If she was found to be lying under the testing of these three persons, she would receive a deadly punishment. She had outsmarted herself this time.

She rubbed her forehead wondered what should she do next. It would be wonderful if she could teleport at this moment! Then, she could escape.

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