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Gu Xijiu was nervous! They looked similar and even sounded identical. The nightmare of Long Xi continued to haunt her!

She got up and said, "Sir, feel free to take this seat. I'll sit somewhere else." Just as she was leaving, a hand was gently placed on her shoulder which somehow restricted her from moving. "It’s alright, just sit here." Long Siye remarked.


He was fast. Long Siye had already sat down beside Gu Xijiu even before the Emperor had the chance to say, 'How could it be like this?'. Long Siye said, "Just get me another set of tableware will do."


The Emperor was clueless about Long Siye’s intention, but revenge for Gu Xixi was the first thing which crept into his mind. That must have been the reason that Long Siye decided to sit beside Gu Xijiu.


The Emperor was insecure even though he hid it behind his poker face. He smiled and said, "Seems like we haven't done our part well enough as a host." The Emperor immediately asked for another set of tableware.


The servant wanted to prepare tea for him, but he waved his hand and said, "I’ll do it myself."

Long Siye had brought his own tea set which was vintage purple.


Gu Xijiu was amazed! The tea set looked exactly like the one Long Xi used before!


Even the tea she drank before she fainted was served in this kind of tea set!


His movements were so elegant while he was preparing the tea… All the sequences were similar to Long Xi's.


Gu Xijiu watched him. She looked calm, but her blood was boiling inside.

After Long Siye finished preparing the tea, he filled two teacups with it and pushed one to Gu Xijiu, "Here, try this. This is an authentic tea leaf plucked just before the rain. Hope it fits your taste."


The words were precisely what Long Xi had told her before she fainted.


"Haha! It was him! He has come to test me again!" Gu Xijiu said in her heart.


Gu Xijiu replied, "Thank you, Overlord. I don’t like tea."


She got herself a gla.s.s of water and smiled, "I only like drinking plain water."


In actuality, she did not like tea in her previous life. It was only because Long Xi liked it that she made it her favorite. She even familiarized herself with the entire tea ceremony proceedings so that she could have more things to talk to him about.

Long Siye looked at her face and said, "Are you sure? Perhaps, you’re building a wall to protect yourself. Are you worried that I’ll poison you again?"


He used the word, ‘Again.'


Gu Xijiu looked at him miserably as she was confused, "This is the first time we are meeting, why are you saying ‘again’? Besides that, what’s the reason for you to poison me? It doesn’t look like something you would do."


Long Siye looked at her but did not answer her question. He changed the topic and said, "I have another name, a nickname which n.o.body knows except two people. Have a guess?"


Gu Xijiu shook her head and said, "I have no idea!"


"Long Xi," Long Siye was looking at her as he said the name.


"Not bad, I like the nickname!" Gu Xijiu was very calm.


Long Siye kept looking at her to see if she had any reaction to hearing his name. Fortunately, there was no hatred in her eyes. She just looked like someone who had met a stranger.


Long Siye felt sad, but he smiled, and then pushed the tea to Gu Xijiu again, "Try. It’s delicious; perhaps you might like it."

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