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Therefore, she could only follow the Emperor. When the royal chariot was about to depart, someone shouted, "Stop!"

Custodian Huo rushed in front of the royal chariot to block it! Custodian Huo commanded a very high authority in Jiuxing clan. But even the Overlord would need to talk courteously to the Emperor. No one should block the royal chariot or stop the Emperor! What was this mere custodian thinking!?

The Emperor was upset and asked, "Custodian Huo, what are you trying to do? Do you think you can simply stop in front of my royal chariot!?" His voice was as cold as an iceberg.

Custodian Huo was shocked by this remark and came to his senses. He bent his body in respect and said, "Sincere apologies, Your Majesty. I’ve been poisoned by Miss Gu! I was panicked… and hence, neglected your dignity."

"Poisoned?" The Emperor looked at the face of Custodian Huo. He seemed fine with a healthy skin tone and complexion. There was not the slightest hint on his face that showed that did not look or feel well.

"Did you just say you got poisoned? I can’t see any sign of that!"

"Your Majesty, the symptoms are invisible. But the spot where I got poisoned is very itchy…"

"Where is it?" The Emperor started to check him from his head to his legs, but he could not see anything abnormal.

Custodian Huo was frustrated and said, "My… chest!"

The Emperor looked at the royal physician and said, "Have a look at Custodian Huo."

Custodian Huo was an arrogant and conservative man, he hardly fell sick or injured and did not like others to help him. Usually, he would handle his injuries by himself. Hence, no one had seen his body before. But now, he was forced to expose his body in front of this beardy physician. He wanted to reject, but he had no choice as the Emperor did not believe in him.

To avoid a few pairs of eyes from watching him, he turned around and opened his robe to allow the royal physician to inspect his body. The royal physician looked at the wound and then looked at him again. He checked his pulse and pulled his eyelids.

Custodian Huo was mad and asked, "Have you finished checking!?"

"Yes." The royal physician answered emotionlessly and went back to report to the Emperor, "Your Majesty, there is a scar as big as a nail on his chest. It looks red but is not bleeding. I did not see any sign of purplish wounds or any symptoms of poisoning. His pulse is as normal as a healthy person, and his eyes are normal…"

In other words, he was not being poisoned!

The Emperor stared at Custodian Huo and felt annoyed!

He said Gu Xijiu was possessed by an evil spirit and that it would be harmful to the entire kingdom if the Emperor refused to investigate. The Emperor gave him the green light as he thought it was really serious. The Emperor also respected him as the custodian of the Jiuxing clan.

However, it now looked as though Gu Xijiu was an ordinary girl who had not been possessed by an evil spirit! That made His Majesty look bad in front of a little girl. Although Gu Xijiu did not say anything about that, the Emperor could sense that the little girl was unhappy with him and became more cautious.

This wa all thanks to Custodian Huo.

The Emperor asked emotionlessly, "Custodian Huo, anything else you want to say?"

Custodian Huo was nervous, "Your Majesty, I got poisoned! I feel very itchy at my chest, and I accidentally dropped the pillar. It’s cracked now!" He then went straight to the point, "Your Majesty, Miss Gu accidentally toppled the jade pillar, and I rushed to support it. She then fell into my arms, and her hairpin poked my chest. Her hairpin must be poisonous! Your Majesty, please check her hairpin!"

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