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The Emperor shook his head, "Of course not. This matter has nothing to do with Xijiu. It seems like Rong Yi had been killed by a.s.sa.s.sins…"

The cost to hire an a.s.sa.s.sin in the Feixing Kingdom was very expensive, so there were not many people who could afford to hire one, not to mention to hire one of such experience. It seemed like only the royal family could afford to do so.

The royal princes were surrounded by several guards possessing skilled martial arts. If they were to kill people, they would probably send their guards and did not need to hire any a.s.sa.s.sins.

After a few considerations and clues, it seemed like only Rong Yan was the one who had that much hatred towards Rong Yi to be able to hire an a.s.sa.s.sin…

He was such a jerk!

The Emperor looked at Rong Yan coldly, "Darn! What have you done?!"

Rong Yan was anxious, "My Emperor Father, the death of Rong Yi has really nothing to do with me! Oh yeah, someone did witness Gu Xijiu going out from her house that day…"

The Emperor asked coldly, "Who saw it?"

"Tianqing and her two maids…"

The Emperor smacked the table, "Nonsense! No one would believe her words because she had an affair with you."

"And the two maids…" Rong Yan stared at the both of them, "Tell them that you saw it, didn't you?"

The two maids were the ones Rong Yan wanted to kill to prevent them from divulging the secret. At this moment, the two maids kneeled on the floor and shook their heads, "No! Miss Gu Tianqing had asked us to say so and reported it to the legal department… In fact, we did not see anything."

Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing remained silent.

The two maids kneeled down, bowed and said, "Your Majesty, we did it solely based on the orders by Miss Gu Tianqing. She promised that once we accomplished the task, she would reward us with a thousand dollars. She even promised that if the task had failed, she would help us to not end up in jail… However, we never expected her not to care about us after we had successfully completed her task. Not only did she not take care of us when we were in prison but had also sent someone to murder us. Fortunately, King Lu came on time that day to save us or else we would have been dead in prison by now…"

Everything was clear now. The emperor angrily scolded, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what else can you say now? If both of you are innocent, why would you want to murder these two people?"

Apparently, they were trying to mask their guilt. The Emperor was disappointed with the foolish actions of his son.

He knew that his son was not too smart, but never did he expect that his son could be this stupid.

With a series of evidence, it was impossible for Rong Yan to defend himself anymore.

He could only bow and claim innocence. In his heart, he felt that he was trapped but he did not know who had actually set him up.

He had a complicated feeling and could not help but look towards Gu Xijiu. She was standing there without any facial expressions, but her eyes were shining, as cold as the moonlight.

Was she the one who set him up?

It was impossible! After all, she was just a thirteen-year-old girl. How could she have hatched such a complicated trap?!

Although there were quite a few people who knew about his affair with Gu Tianqing, there was no one else who actually knew about the necklace except for their own. Besides, the pregnancy of Gu Tianqing was completely a secret, and there was no third person who actually knew about this matter.

How did King Lu get his hands on all these information? Who told him about these secrets?

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