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"Do you want me to save him? Do you believe in me?" Gu Xijiu asked.

Yu Gelao was hoping against all odds that he knelt down "Yes I do believe! I believe in you! Please save him!" Pursuing the last resort was after all, better than total hopeless!

Gu Xixi was looking very gloomy, "He’s deeply poisoned and he’ll definitely die!"

Gu Xijiu was ignoring her and walked towards Yu Mubai. She let the servants to hold his mouth open, threw in a pill and helped him swallow it.

Gu Xijiu then looked towards the crown prince, Rong Jialuo, "Your Highness, can you please help me?"

Rong Jialuo was rather direct, "What is it?"

"To save this little child, we’d have to ma.s.sage his acupuncture points but unfortunately I don’t have the spirit power to do this…"

Rong Jialuo strode over, "Alright, just tell me what to do!"

Gu Xijiu immediately delineated the acupuncture points to ma.s.sage and the strength of the ma.s.sage force.

Without any further ado, Rong Jialuo followed her instructions immediately. He accurately and precisely controlled his ma.s.sage force onto the correct acupuncture points!

Everyone was so nervous that their eyes were bulging while watching. They dared not even breathe.

Gu Xixi could not help but speak, "He’s already incurable, and the efforts are going to be pointless…"

Before she could finish her sentence, everyone glared at her from all directions!

The meaning was obvious, they wanted her to keep her mouth shut! And not to disturb someone trying to save a life…

The show today was intriguingly dramatic with repeated climaxes, that the audiences were overwhelmed. But what surprised them was the att.i.tude of the crown prince, Rong Jialuo.

Everyone knew that this crown prince was haughty and indifferent. He usually did not care about others and n.o.body would dare to instruct him, but he was unbelievably listening to Gu Xijiu!

He did not even question, and did whatever Gu Xijiu requested of him!

Was it because the crown prince was anxious to save the life of Yu Gelao’s son?

And that was why he listened to the doctor?

However, Gelao was a supporter of the fourth prince and always looked for opportunities to trouble the crown prince at the court. Therefore, he should be the enemy of the crown prince, so how would the crown prince be interested to save his enemy’s kid?

And the crown prince was not a person to render good for evil…

The people were puzzled. But they were more concerned about the final result than these doubts.

After about ten minutes, Rong Jialuo was finally done ma.s.saging Yu Mubai according to the method which Gu Xijiu delineated.

Yu Mubai vomited a mouthful of black blood. Though his face was still pale, his breathing had gradually stabilized. He tried to open his eyes to look at Gu Xijiu, "Thank you…" His voice was very soft but clear.

He was saved?! And he could speak!

Imperial Physician Zhou came forward himself and felt the pulse of Yu Mubai. A moment later, he congratulated Yu Gelao with delight, "Congratulations, congratulations! Your son pulse has been stabilized and his life has been saved by Miss Gu!"

Miracle! It was a miracle indeed!

Yu Gelao knelt before Gu Xijiu and kowtowed, "Thank you Miss Gu!" The last kowtow was done because he was helpless, but this one was done sincerely because he was totally convinced by her abilities.

Gu Xijiu turned her body and chuckled, "Gelao, you don’t have to thank me, the crown prince was the one who did it."

Yu Gelao paused before he turned to Rong Jialuo to thank him.

As usual, Rong Jialuo did not say much, but only slightly nodded his head, "You’re welcome." And his expression was as indifferent, as usual.

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