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Luckily Gu Tianqing was very alert. She quickly interrupted, "Brother, did you take the wrong present? That should be the hairpin I asked you to buy for Aunty Zhang. Aunty Zhang was still mumbling this morning as she was afraid that you would forget to buy it for her."

She took the silver hairpin away and took out another golden hairpin, "Brother, this should be the one you wanted to give Xijiu. You pa.s.sed it to me earlier and asked me to give it to her. You are so forgetful. Luckily, I remembered."

While she was talking, she walked to Gu Xijiu and pa.s.sed the golden hairpin to her, "Xijiu, this is what your brother bought for you. Try it and see if it is suitable for you?"

With just a few sentences, she managed to solve the embarra.s.sment.

Gu Tianchao looked at his sister with grat.i.tude, and then looked at Gu Xijiu who was standing there quietly with her arms folded.

Gu Xijiu finally glanced at her brother with a confident look, and it made him feel nervous. Obviously, she was still a kid, but her eyes were very sharp, and it was as if they could pierce through him.

For a moment, he thought that she would not accept the golden hairpin just to embarra.s.s him. He did not expect that Gu Xijiu would laugh and take the hairpin. She said, "Thank you. I appreciate that Second Young Master thought of me when he prepared his presents."

Gu Tianchao was relieved. Before he could ask her to try on the hairpin, Gu Xijiu said slowly, "I have kept every present that Second Young Master had bought for me. Since this hairpin is so valuable, I would like to keep it together with all your other presents." Then, she ordered her maid, "Go and take the little red box beside my bedside cupboard for me."

The maid answered "okay" then walked away.

Gu Tianchao’s facial expression changed again. He forced a smile, "Xijiu, the hairpin is bought to wear, not to keep…"

Before he completed his sentence, the maid had retrieved the box from Xijiu's bedroom. Gu Xijiu opened the box and showed everyone the things inside the box. There was a wooden hairpin, a single-colored small pouch that even their servants would not use, a flower, and a specially-shaped stone.

Everything was kept neatly and covered with a soft cloth. Xijiu could tell that the original owner treasured these things a lot. All the things Gu Tianchao bought for Gu Xijiu were randomly picked from the market and sometimes even the roadside. He never seriously chose them for her so naturally, he could not remember what he had given her.

When he saw these things placed neatly in the box, his heart shook a bit, and his face was burning hot. Gu Xietian noticed the presents she had received and was very unhappy. He was disappointed with himself as he had ignored her for too long. He understood that this kid lacked love and care that she could even treasure all these rubbish.

He always thought that his son treated Xijiu well because of how happy she was to see him. Only now did he learn that his son had treated her like a beggar… He was ashamed and angry. He coldly stared at Gu Tianchao and took the box from Gu Xijiu. He shook it slightly and realized that the things inside had broken.

"Xijiu, you are my daughter. You deserve the best. I have a lot of better things for you. Come with daddy to my study room." He pulled Gu Xijiu with him.

The crowd remained silent.

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