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She admiringly looked at her brother who gave presents to everyone and felt hurt when he did not give anything to her even though she was just a kid.

Gu Tianchao turned around and saw this poor little girl at the corner. Perhaps he felt sympathy for her, so he simply took out a piece of candy and threw it to her, "This is for you."

Although it was just a simple candy, it was the first present Gu Xijiu had received since she grew up. She immediately put a smile on her face. She looked at her brother with awe and grat.i.tude. This expression probably pleased Gu Tianchao, because every other time when he came back home, he would bring something for her.

Although the present she received would always be the most useless one, it always made Gu Xijiu’s day. It was because of this that whenever Gu Tianchao came back home, she would run out from her house to welcome him as if welcoming the person closest to her.

There were simply too few good memories in her short life that every time someone gave her a little warmth she would keep it in her heart and return the favor with her best effort. She never knew that her brother saw her as a homeless dog who begged for care and attention.

The original Gu Xijiu ended her life at the age of 13 so she might not understand the so-called "care" from her brother. But it was evident to the current Gu Xijiu, so it was impossible for her to go and welcome him like before.


Gu Tianchao was being welcomed home like a celebrity. All his sisters surrounded him, and loud chatter could be heard. His mother, Leng Xiangyu, kept ordering people around to fix his tea and chair as if it were not comfortable enough and not hot enough.

All his aunties were here too. Although they had different thoughts in their hearts, they carried a smile on their faces and greeted him warmly.

As for Gu Xietian who was always busy with work, he purposely took a day off to welcome his son home. He sat at the head of the table and drank tea served by his son. He looked satisfied watching all his children around him.

Suddenly, the living hall became unusually lively. As usual, Gu Tianchao brought presents back to distribute. Gu Xietian received a two-edged sword that had been blessed with spiritual power. It could alert the owner when he faced danger.

Leng Xiangyu got a pair dolls made of white jade. It was a man and a woman, and they were carved exquisitely. In fact, it vaguely looked like Leng Xiangyu and Gu Xietian. Apparently, it was a specially made product symbolizing the loving couple who were never apart.

The present for Gu Tianqing was a hairpin with eight auspicious signs that were carved with fine craft. It was made by a rare precious material and embedded with a spiritual crystal. It had the effect of enhancing physical fitness, so Gu Tianqing liked it very much and immediately wore it on her hair.

As for the other sisters, they were given presents which ranged from perfumes to pouches and jade crystal, etc. Gu Tianchao had good taste. Everything that he brought could enlighten the girls, and he managed to rekindle good spirits in everyone.

Even his aunties received presents that were unique and beautiful. They were all excited too. Gu Xietian was happily using his sword but suddenly recalled something. He glanced through the living hall and asked, "Where is Xijiu? Is she not here?"

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