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Hei Hu frowned. Why would the crown prince need to take off his clothes if he was not suffering from external injuries?

Rong Jialuo who was in the room, hesitated. On the other hand, Gu Xijiu's voice had slightly expressed impatience, "Why would a gentleman be afraid of taking his clothes off? Just take off your upper garments."

Hei Hu rubbed his nose because the crown prince was very conservative in this aspect. Even the person who served by his side could not see how his arm looked like.

He showed one of his arms only during the operation to sc.r.a.pe the poison off his bones, but he did not have his upper body naked…

This time, the half-naked body of the crown prince would actually be seen by this unknown little brat?

Rong Jialuo finally spoke, "Must I take off? I’ve sworn before that my body is to be seen only by my future wife…"

"Luckily I’m a man." The voice of Gu Xijiu was indifferent, "So, you don’t have to worry about your chast.i.ty. I’ll not be responsible for you too. To treat this Gu poison, you have to take off. Do you want to be cured? If you don't, I’ll take my leave immediately."

Rong Jialuo, "…" He gnashed his teeth for a moment before he finally surrendered, "Alright, I’ll take off."

While Hei Hu was listening outside, he felt the conversation seemed slightly amiss.

He wondered how a tall and intimidating crown prince could possibly behave like virtuous woman being offended.

The sound of clothes being taken off could be heard from outside the room.

A moment later...

Apparently, Rong Jialuo had taken off his upper garment and his voice could be heard again, "What’s next?"

"Use your hand to smash these cloves of garlic, onions, and ginger. Remember, you can only use your middle finger and your other fingers are not to touch them." Gu Xijiu instructed, in an orderly manner.

Hei Hu almost wanted to raise his hand to rub his nose again. What an extremely weird remedy…

Their crown prince had always been very a.n.a.l about cleanliness and usually did not like to smell any food with intense flavors - not even a little. But he had to now…

What a pity!

After a while...

The voice of Rong Jialuo, trying to constrain his disgust was heard once more, "I’ve done it, what's next?"

"Apply them on your three acupuncture points: Tianchi, Yufu, and Shenfeng. You have to use your middle finger to apply it. You must use your strength, strong enough to penetrate your muscle." Gu Xijiu continued to instruct.

Hei Hu, "…"

These points were close to his sensitive chest area and the crown prince must now apply what he loathed…what, what was this detestable treatment? Was this person here to cure the crown prince or just to make a mockery of him?

Apparently, it was challenging Rong Jialuo’s maximum tolerance, "I…I’d need…I’d need to apply it by myself…"

It…it looked like he was touching himself! What was worse was that he had to touch himself in front of another person…

Rong Jialuo had the thought that his morality was going to explode.

"... Or else, do you want me to help you apply it?" Gu Xijiu asked in response.

Rong Jialuo, "…"

Gu Xijiu picked up a silver needle and said indifferently, "I’ll have to give you acupuncture later so I can’t touch this. You have to either apply it yourself or let your bodyguard, Hei Hu, help you with it. I think his Gongli is relatively good and thus, can achieve the effect that I want…"

Hei Hu, who was outside the window, secretly shivered and retreated two steps backward carefully.

Meanwhile, in the room, Rong Jialuo said decisively, "No, I can do it myself!"

Hei Hu wiped away his cold sweat in secret. Luckily the crown prince did not call him, or else he would have lost his hands which had touched the body of the crown prince because the latter was obsessed about cleanliness!

As he wanted to continue listening, the tightly closed window had flung open abruptly. The handsome and stone-cold face of Rong Jialuo appeared.

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