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Gu Xietian intended to tell his daughter that the police were looking for a suspect who was wearing a black suit and ghost mask. According to the report, that person had stolen something from the fourth prince which made him mad. He wanted to find the thief!

Due to the uneasy situation outside, Gu Xietian told them to stay in the residence for a few days and try to avoid getting into trouble. He brought a picture of the mysterious thief and Gu Xijiu was shocked when she took a glance!

The man in the picture looked real, especially the clothes and the mask!

Those were the things she threw into the moat... She thought to herself, "How did the soldiers get all those things?"

She tried to find out more from Gu Xietian and according to her father, the soldiers found it at the riverbank of the moat. The clothes were floating in midair when they noticed it!

The soldiers who were on duty under the fourth prince issued the report very quickly. He then issued a search warrant and now there were soldiers everywhere in the city...

Gu Xijiu held her fists tightly in her sleeves!

"Must be that guy! The guy who said he wanted to get his revenge on me at the river bank."

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d used his powers to stay invisible and secretly retrieved the stuff she threw into the river. He wanted to get her into trouble by handing it to the soldiers so that they could report it to the fourth prince!

Earlier, she had left the auction room by teleporting away… The fourth prince must have been intrigued by this to pay such high attention to this case. After listening to the report from the soldiers, he probably a.s.sumed the one who threw away the suit was the person he was looking for, thus, he wanted to find this person...

He was creating excuses for himself to find this person!

Unfortunately, he had no clue where this unidentified person was and did not even know the genuine gender and size of the person...

Gu Xijiu’s eyes remained staring at the floor as she began to plan her next steps in her head.

Gu Xietian was unaware of the thoughts that were racing through Gu Xijiu’s head at the time. He left abruptly after delivering the warning and reminder but not before complimenting the servants again. He even announced new house rules, ‘No one should be allowed to step in Gu Xijiu's residence without permission. Whoever breaks this rule will be punished."

He purposely exchanged a glance with Gu Tianyi when he announced the new house rules. Being an experienced general, how could he not know about such family battles? He knew Gu Tianyi’s plans.

The new house rule was an indirect warning which made Gu Tianyi frightened. She lowered her head and stared at the ground in disappointment. She knew she could not do anything about this and left the courtyard behind her father.

"Hooray!" One of the servants applauded as she looked at her master. They were all ecstatic and admired Gu Xijiu’s actions.

Prior to this, they were looked down on in the Gu family and got bullied and tortured by the servants of the other young ladies and even General Gu’s servants.

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