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Most of the herbs she needed were very rare and grew in a very dangerous place where most of beasts and monster lived. No one could enter those places unless they were at least level four. This was why the herbs were selling at a very expensive price. One herb could sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, her main task now was either to look for money or go and collect the herbs by herself.

Although her talent had not reached level four yet, she had the ability to teleport so she could still escape when it came to critical moments.

When she was thinking of the plan, she heard some noises outside her room so she immediately closed the crystal box and kept it in a safe place. After that, she picked up a book and lied down on her bed to read.

After a while, she noticed that there was some movement outside her room. A gentle voice could be heard saying, "Sixth sister, are you in the room?" It sounded like Gu Tianqing.

The maids outside had been ordered by Gu Xijiu to not let anyone come into the house without her permission.

Therefore, the maids stopped Gu Tianqing and Gu Tianyi from entering the room and told them that their master was not feeling well and was currently resting in the room. The two sisters doubted the maids’ explanations and came to check on her.

They gave a few reasons to enter into the room but were still stopped by the maid. It made them even more suspicious and Gu Tianyi even shouted, "Is your master not in the room?" and insisted to break into the room.

The two sisters were not weak plus the maid did not dare to fight with the two sisters so in just a while they managed to break into the room.

When they entered, they were shocked looking at the scene.

Gu Xijiu was lying on the bed with her pyjamas. Her hair was untied and she was holding a book in her hand. When she saw the two sisters break into the room, she spoke softly but her eyes were as sharp as a knife, "It is already late in the night, what is the purpose of both of you breaking into my room? Are you planning to rob or kill me?"

Gu Tianqing never expected that she was in the room. She was stunned for a moment and replied awkwardly, "Sixth sister, both of us are concerned about you. We are afraid that the servants are bullying you so we broke into the room to check. Why did you not respond?"

Gu Xijiu put down the book and said, "I have been used to the peaceful life and do not want to be disturbed. Is there anything wrong with it?"

Gu Tianqing could not answer anything whilst Gu Tianyi said angrily, "We are so kind to come and visit you…"

"Thank you, but I do not need it." Gu Xijiu talked even more softly, "Servants, please come!"

One of the maids who was standing outside came into the room and waited for an order.

"Who was the one who served outside the room just now? Please ask that person to come!"

The maid quickly went out and brought in two maids. Gu Xijiu stood up and stared at the two maids who kneeled in front of her, "Who is your master?!"

That two maids bowed and answered, "We are the maid of Ms. Xijiu and she is our master."

Gu Xijiu’s voice was even colder, "Since you know that I am your master, why didn’t you block these outsiders?"

That two maids apologized repeatedly, "I am sorry my master. I know that I am wrong."

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