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"You cannot sell this herb to anyone, but of course, you cannot give it away for free too. As long as you agree with the terms, this herb will be yours. Good bargains don't come easily, but as I have faith in you, here's a good deal just for you."

Gu Xijiu smiled lightly, "Have faith?" She suddenly stepped forward and approached the young man, "I think you are trying to stir some trouble."

As the fourth prince and the holy lady had been eyeing this herb, anyone who owned it would definitely be forced to sell it and if anyone refused, it would lead to endless trouble!

This was really a great deal, but also means great trouble. If she did not handle it well, she might not only lose the deal but also be victim to brutal consequences.

Gu Xijiu was tall in her previous life. She was 170 centimeters and was also a murderer. So whenever she approached someone, the aura she brought was extremely fierce and thrilling.

Sometimes, even before she attacked, the victim will already be extremely frightened and run away.

At that moment when she approached the young man, her aura was still relatively strong.

However, she was now only a 13 year old little girl who had not fully grown and was pet.i.te in size.

Although she wore a pair of special boots that increased her height by 10 centimeters, she was still only about 150 centimeters tall.

The young man in front of her who also looked like a teenager, was 180 centimeters tall with decent looks.

Thus, when Gu Xijiu stood in front of him, her dominant presence had somehow weakened a tad bit. For some reason, the young man deliberately stepped forward, so Gu Xijiu had nearly b.u.mped onto his arms.

Fortunately, she was aware of the situation and reacted in time by quietly stepping back a little.

The young man stared at the pet.i.te-sized little girl. Although the girl was short, her aura was strong and made people felt slightly intimidated. Apparently, she looked ordinary but her eyes were like a bottomless pit, especially when she stares - it was actually frightening.

However, this young girl was smart and did not get cheated by such a good deal…

The young man laughed and touched the crystal box in his hand, "You are very smart. So, do you dare to keep it? It might bring a lot of trouble to you…"

Gu Xijiu smiled. She raised her hand and took the crystal box from his hand, "I want it." She was never someone who was scared of trouble!

She then planted the 50,000 dollar paper note into his palms, which indicated that the transaction was completed.

Her little hand inevitably touched his big one. Although it was just a quick touch, the young man stared at her hand and hesitated for a while, before looking at her and said, "You are very steadfast!"

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