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Two days. It took Gu Xijiu only two days to convert all the servants into her subordinates.

Of course, as it was only such a short period of time, Gu Xijiu would not treat them as her closest buddies but she could make sure they would not betray her anymore and instead, fully obey her instructions.

For example, no one was allowed to enter her bedroom without her permission.

None of them dared to cross the line, but to only standby in the living room or the courtyard.

No one noticed it when she sneaked out with teleport. Of course, they did not know anything about her in the last two days.

Since she came out from the Duke’s residence, she was wandering on the streets and even bought a few items.

She put on a male costume when she was out and also changed her appearance. Therefore, she enjoyed her freedom as no one was able to recognize her.

The only thing that was less than ideal, was that the money she had was limited, as there were too many things that she wanted to buy. Perhaps, it was time for her to think of how to earn more money...

Her body has been malnourished or a long time and it was really weak, especially since she returned from Ningwu Mountain during a heavy downpour. She almost fell sick. Fortunately, she was quite well-versed in medical matters and ma.s.saged herself when she was not feeling well.

She managed to get some medicine from the clinic, which protected her from the flu.

Although she had recovered, she did not feel entirely strong as well. It was not easy for her to use Qing Gong sometimes.

She needed some valuable medicine to be fully recovered, but the medicine was not easily obtainable. Sometimes, it can be found in auctions, but every single item was really expensive.

The cheapest material she needed would also cost 10,000 and if she really wanted to collect all six materials, she would need to save up to about 150,000. But alas, her monthly pocket money was only 30, which meant she had a long way to go.

150,000 was equivalent to five years of annual income for the general’s family. Her father would not pay such a big amount to treat the black sheep of the family. Thus, she must find her own way.

She came here alone and she had no friends at present. Besides, there were many things she needed to understand about the current world. It was not easy for her to earn money now.

Anyway, it was the main capital of the country. Although it was nightfall, the street was a hive of activity, of ma.s.sive crowds and businessmen thronging about. It was indeed very vibrant.

Gu Xijiu walked around aimlessly and arrived an auction room.

It was the largest auction room in the city. The building was huge with a cla.s.sic etiquette on top.

The signage was plated with pure gold, and Yi Pin Lou was the name of the building.

The building was still bright at the moment. Apparently, there was an ongoing auction!

Gu Xijiu wanted to take a look and see if she could earn more money somehow.

However, she was blocked by a guard donning a stunning robe.

Gu Xijiu only wore a normal robe when she was out, changed her appearance and skin color in order to hide her birthmark. She was short, hence, she looked like a young kid who had just escaped the village.


Any of the guards’ costumes in front of Yi Pin Lou could easily upstage her outfit.

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