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Everyone was stunned. They never thought that the submissive and quiet Gu Xijiu could have asked such a question, especially when she addressed her father as General Gu and not dad.

In a rich family, not to mention the first daughter, even the other daughters would had been surrounded by hordes of slaves and seven or eight maids. Things like opening the door would never have been the job of a precious daughter.

General Gu was embarra.s.sed. He could not help but to glance over to his current wife, Leng Xiangyu, with the intention of blaming her.

Although he did not like this daughter, it was ridiculous to not even have a maid present beside her! Especially when it was in public and in front of his colleagues...

Leng Xiangyu was a mature lady and even though she was already reaching the age of 40, she was still charming and well maintained. She came from a considerably rich family and thus everything about her was elegant.

She usually abused Gu Xijiu but Gu Xijiu never dared to complain to her father as Gu Xietian normally did not like to see this daughter. She could barely see her father once in every two years and so she had been enduring it all the time.

Leng Xiangyu was not prepared to handle the shame she felt when Gu Xijiu complained in public and it was simply like a slap to her face.

However, she was also fast to respond. She immediately looked up at Gu Xijiu and said softly, "Xijiu, you are wrong to say this. How can you call your father like this? It is for your own good that I do not a.s.sign any maid for you. You are too skinny and weak plus you don’t possess any skills. If you work more it can actually help to strengthen your body…" A few words that lightly covered the fact and instead she blamed Gu Xijiu a bit.

Gu Xijiu smiled slightly, "It sounds so nice when you say it. There are so many ways to train the body but you had to choose the oddest way. For the people who did not know that fact, they would have thought that you were jealous of his previous wife and you are taking the opportunity to get back at her by abusing her daughter. Letting the daughter live a life which was even worse than a servant…"

Leng Xiangyu remained silent for a short while and thought to herself, "Since when was this quiet girl able to debate so well?!"

Not only were the family members of General Gu present in the courtyard, they were accompanied by two princes and the government servant who specifically dealt with Royal Affairs...

When Leng Xiangyu was shamed in the presence of so many outsiders, she felt embarra.s.sed but there was nothing that she could fight back with. Thus, her face turned red and she was rendered speechless.

Gu Tianqing smiled softly and said, "Sister, the way my mom treats you is really well-intentioned. Though she did not a.s.sign a maid for you, she has always cared about you. Sometimes when she sees that you are so busy, she gets quite worried even comes and complains to me. However, to train you, she has to do so..."

Gu Tianqing was the daughter of Leng Xiangyu. She was now 16 years old and was born with a pretty face. She was wearing soft clothes and when she spoke, her voice was soft and thus it made her look like a G.o.ddess.

She was different from Gu Xijiu and was the pride of General Gu's family. She had a top grade in wooden spiritual talent. At such a young age, her spiritual power had already reached level four and she was deemed a rare talent.

She was one of the top among the n.o.ble families in the capital and so she got all the care and love from General Gu.

What was even more unusual was the fact that even though she was a genius, she was mindful, gentle and well-behaved. She was the ideal candidate for a wife for the men from n.o.ble families in the capital. When she was 15 and had reached the potential marriage age, many matchmakers came to their residence and proposed.

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