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It was such an elegant robe!

It suited her perfectly!

It was like a gift from G.o.d!

Gu Xijiu did not wait any longer and took off the white robe from the statue.


She was initially worried that the statue would be too hard and it would be difficult for her to take the robe off. Unexpectedly, the robe was quite elastic and removing it was a breeze.


After removing the outer layer, she realized that the statue was wearing an inner layer of clothes, and even an inner pair of bloomers, which she used to see from Chinese dramas.

The craftsman was too professional - he treated the statue like a real human!

Gu Xijiu was wondering whether or not the carvings had included the private parts of a man!

Gu Xijiu could not contain her curiosity and grabbed the mound between the statue's legs. Indeed, it was there... and it seemed rather sizable!

She coughed once and looked up to the statue again. She realized the innerwear fitted the statue's body so well, and its body size was so perfectly designed, that it gave her an impression of a perfect creation of G.o.d, instead of mere craftsmanship from a mortal artist. The statue was a combination of all the perfect human beings put together. All the girls in the world would have gone crazy for it if it were to be a real human!

Luckily, it was just a statue!

Gu Xijiu looked at it for a short while and then tapped on its face gently and said, "Brother Fairy, please forgive me. You looked so charming, could you just lend me your clothes and take it as a good deed done for today?"

It was a bit dangerous for her to only wear a layer of clothes, hence she asked for forgiveness before removing the underwear and inner pants from the statue...

Those two were not elastic and the statue was sitting on the ground. She did not manage to remove it even after numerous attempts.

Until and unless she tears it into two pieces, she could never get hold of it. However, if she rips it, she would not be able to use it anymore...

Sigh! Forget it! She decided not to remove it as a courtesy...

Gu Xijiu had finally given up and only put on the white robe. The white robe was quite big for her frame, so she slashed a small part of the white robe with the sword and tied it around her waist.

The material was really soft and well-set on her skin. It was as gentle as the wind blowing on her skin. She was thinking to make a few pairs of underwear with the material when she returned.

She was feeling cold under the rain, but she felt warm after putting on the white robe.

What a treasure!

Anyway, who could have possibly placed such an amazing statue in a cave?

Not to mention the value of the statue, even the clothes it donned were a valuable treasure!

Gu Xijiu walked around the cave and did not see any other treasures. She could only a.s.sume that this was not the treasure trove of the thieves.

However, could it be a stolen good from somewhere else, which the thieves had left there, as they might not have had enough time to destroy it?

Yes! It was possible!

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